Chuck E. Cheese Across America '08

After the fun filled original Chuck E. Cheese Across America event was derailed during 2007, we thought it was worthy enough of a second attempt. Of course we went above and beyond the original plan to make this event just as fun and more enduring than the first, and just like that, one of's most popular events was re-born!

"Travel Chuck" returned, wearing a different traveling shirt coated in stars and American Flags to differentiate him from the retired original plush.
Why the changes? For starters, we decided that we needed to have a backup plan to prevent a "loss" like the first time. So there were actually 5 identical plushes created for 2008 (and coincidentally we could not find the original material used). We kept the multiples secret because it really took the fun out of it - knowing that it wasn't the same actual doll passed around to all these locations.

It seemed like a pretty solid plan. Unfortunately there were a few of them that conveniently got "lost" in the mail or "never arrived" to the person who requested them. What it amounted to was another short-circuit that could have been much better, had it been given the chance to go forward as planned. But even in spite of the troubles, we were able to get him to handful of unique locations that were not visited in 2007. You can see all of Travel Chuck's secondary adventures by checking out the 2008 Travel Log!!