10th Anniversary

In September of 2009, ShowBizPizza.com celebrated our 10th Anniversary by taking visitors on a journey through our past decade. Old versions of the website were presented - showing the evolution of website design, organization, and development from one phase to the next. Promotional materials were displayed, along with sections of the website that no longer exist (such as the SP.com Fan Club).

The "SP.com Archive" was opened up and rough notes, sketches, and other never before seen materials were shown simply for posterities sake.
And last but not least, the fan-favorite April Fools gags from years past were also revived and given a breath of new life by becoming viewable to those who had missed them, and also by providing never before heard back-stories to each one! There's been many requests by fans to keep this event archived so future fans can enjoy it, plus it was quite an undertaking to compile all this material, so for those who missed it - just click the banner below to take the journey yourself!