CheeseVention 6

For years the fans had been hoping for a Mid-West CheeseVention, and it happened in 2009. CV invaded Chicago, with the help of our CV6 co-host Menutia, who helped get all the local activities and arrangements in order. With a special Route-66 theme, guests were invited to "Get their kicks, at CV6".

The Friday prior to the event was designated as a "pre-glow" gathering at a local Family Entertainment center known as Enchanted Castle. This location had an animatronic show known as the Jammin' Jesters, which has been in operation (in various incarnations) since the 1980s!

On Saturday morning, things started with a special video presentation of J and Looney Bird greeting the guests - where J surprised attendees by showing up in the flesh. Next, the CV6 group traveled to the private "CV6 Entertainment Complex" (Rolfe's Improv) for official kick-off of the event. J warmed up the crowd with a special magic and illusions. Next up? Performances by the Classic Rock-afire Explosion on a full stage!
Andrew and his family (owners of Rolfe's Improv) went above and beyond in pampering the guests with fresh popcorn, pizza, drinks, and goody bags. Andrew, Brian, and Menutia also went through enormous lengths to make sure the show was up and running properly for the event. It was quite a treat indeed for the attendees!

On the way back to the CV6 hotel, the group stopped in Des Plaines at the site original McDonald's restaurant, and also at a CEC that had a 3-stage show. Once everyone arrived back at the hotel, guests got to enjoy the displays and have their photo taken with Billy Bob and Chuck E. Cheese, plus watch a special showing of the latest edit of "The Rock-afire Explosion" film - prior to its official DVD release.

Sunday included a short visit back to Enchanted Castle for those who missed it, and a visit to Odyssey Fun World to see the New Rock-afire Explosion in action!
CheeseVention 6 was a wonderfully fun weekend and enjoyed by everyone who attended. The Mid-Western location worked out great and allowed for a fresh new batch of faces to attend CV for the very first time. It was also the first CheeseVention that was predominantly weighted toward ShowBiz Pizza and the Rock-afire Explosion.

Everybody went out of their way to make this one of the best and most memorable CheeseVentions of all! Be sure to check out all of the photos from Enchanted Castle.