CheeseVention SeVen

In June 2010, CheeseVention stormed the "Big Apple". The slogan was "CheeseVention SeVen - Think Big, Be Big!" and quite frankly it doesn't get much bigger than New York City! Our co-host Richard (Rapid T. Rabbit) helped get the local events arranged, and acted as the official NYC tour guide for our guests.

Slightly prior to the big event, the kick-off to the Rock-afire Explosion's 30th Anniversary was already under way with a special filming of "Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends". A puppet show was performed in which Looney Bird appeared with Rapid to promote the RAE's 30th birthday as well as recap the NYC premiere of the Rock-afire Explosion documentary film.

Saturday was the big day and it was kicked off with a dual-visit to the CV Lounge (Jenn's hotel room) and the CV Entertainment room (J's hotel room). Everybody packed into the lounge to meet with Billy Bob and browse through the collectibles and documents that were on display, as well as pack their pockets with freebie items from the giveaway pile!
Following the kick-off greetings, everyone grabbed their colanders and transferred into the Entertainment room for a special Live show with a surprise guest! "Rocker Chuck E" (complete with a Rod Stewart wig) greeted everyone as they went in the room and then performed some special skits alongside The King. Unfortunately a few technical issues slowed down the performance, but everyone was still able to get their photos taken with the characters.

Next on the agenda was a trip into Times Square to have lunch at Mars 2112 - a Martian themed restaurant with walkaround characters (such as Captain Orion). Naturally our CheeseVention crew was right at home! But next up was a visit to Fun Zone to celebrate Billy Bob's 30th Birthday party. Unfortunately the Rock-afire at Fun Zone was out of commission for our visit, which is a shame considering it is one of the very last ones left in commercial operation. However despite the setback, the CV crowd still had fun enjoying each others company and even broke out in an impromptu rendition of "Sal's Birthday" when the cake was delivered!

After wrapping things up at Fun Zone, most of the attendees hit 'AdventureLand' down the road. A nice compact family amusement park with some neat things like a train that circled the entire park.
CheeseVention SeVen concluded Sunday morning with the traditional send-off breakfast at a local New Jersey diner. It was a nice way to wind-down from the crazy and eventful weekend spent running all over New York City!

Holding CV in such big city proved to be quite a challenge, and technical issues threatened to derail the event on quite a few occasions. But our group of fans stuck it out, and refused to let a few glitches get in the way of celebrating CV and the Rock-afire Explosion's 30th birthday!