All of the cool kids, the normal kids, the kids, *sigh*... you should just do it.

Planking was so last week, and Owling was so five minutes ago. Heck, even Tebowing was on its last leg. So we at SP.com took it upon ourselves to find the latest, greatest, and possibly stupidest trend yet - "Klunking"

The concept was simple: photograph someone or something posing in Uncle Klunk's signature position (leg crossed and holding a banana to your ear as if it's a phone). In all honesty, this wasn't even our idea. We saw a few clever fans on Facebook doing it for no good reason, and we decided to jump on the bandwagon.

There was to be a contest for the best Klunking photographs shared on our Facebook page, with lame prizes going to the winners. However, there was a small problem - practically nobody did it. In fact about the only people who even attempted it were the ones we stole the idea from to begin with. To say the least, "Klunking" went over about as well as Uncle Klunk himself did when he made his 1983 debut at ShowBiz (in other words, not good at all).

Hey, not all SP.com Special Events can be winners, but at least we learned that shame still exists in the world.