Crusty for President

2012 was an election year, and wanted to get in on the campaign action. However, rather than pushing the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, or even promoting the Republican challenger Mitt Romney, we wanted to elect a fresh new contender from the fictitious DemoCatic Party - Crusty the Cat! went into full campaign mode, offering Crusty related campaign materials and ongoing updates on a special Facebook page. The heart of the event depicted the trials and tribulations that Crusty faced as he was chewed up and dissected by the other presidential candidates and the media, all depicted through an ongoing series of mock news articles and leaked campaign memos. Sure the stories were phony, but they pretty much represent what it would be like for anyone to face the tough public scrutiny that most politicians are subjected to. Also it gave us a good chance to poke fun at a series of political issues that have surfaced over the past several years.

You can follow all of the controversy surrounding Crusty's presidential bid by reading the election headlines.

In the end, Crusty's bid for the White House was unsuccessful. Tremendously unsuccessful. Although it should be noted that at least one person actually (and this is not a joke) cast a ballot with Crusty the Cat as the write-in candidate. So Crusty officially, legally, got at least one vote for the 2012 presidency.