The History of Chuck E. Cheese's

Coming soon to - the first comprehensive story ever written about one of America's most famous advertising icons - Chuck E. Cheese. This book will cover the concept's humble origins from within the walls of Atari, to the trials and tribulations faced during the very early years, to the concept's resurgence and rise to the top as the premier Family Entertainment Center in the world.

This book has been in the works for over a year and a half, and comprises over fifteen years of research and knowledge that has been compiled since the inception of Information from company documents, newsletters, manuals, newspaper advertisements, magazine articles, and promotional materials have all been utilized in piecing together this story.

As an added treat, much of this story comes directly from several individuals and former employees who were somehow involved with this concept during the past 37 years. Many of these tales and stories have never been shared on before, that is until now.

Once this book is completed, it will be available here on as a free downloadable e-book, as well as an online version which will contain hyperlinked notations and references. Our goal is to make this story as complete and accurate as possible, so updates and revisions will be ongoing as new and more specific details are uncovered!

In the meantime, you can check out our former history page about the history of Chuck E. Cheese here. To give some perspective, this old (outdated) history is around 8 pages long. The new version is well over 100 pages (and that's only covering the period before Pizza Time Theatre was merged with ShowBiz Pizza Place).