The Promotional Hall contains documentation that was designed for promotional use. This includes merchandise, such as coloring and activity books. Also found here are in-store items, such as menus and flyers. You'll also find promotional brochures designed to advertise specials, promote sales, or entertain customers. These are different from typical company documents, as they were publicly released in order to further promote a company's concept.
• Room 301 contains various promotional materials released by Pizza Time Theatre Inc. from 1977 through 1984. Here you can find rare early documents such as the original 1977 PTT Program and the original Rat Tales comic book.

• Room 302 features various promotional material released by ShowBiz Pizza Place Inc. from 1980 through 1984. Included are such gems as Billy Bob's Busytime Book and the 1st Colander Gazette.

• Room 303 has promotional material released by ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc. from 1985 through 1997. These post-merger documents include material designed for either Chuck E. Cheese's or ShowBiz - in some cases designed for both concepts.

• Room 304 includes various promotional material released by Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment Inc. since 1998 such as comic books and flyers.

• Room 305 has a variety of promotional documents released by Creative Engineering Inc. since 1975. These promotional brochures and flyers cover a time period before, during, and after the ShowBiz era.