The Related Stores Hall contains documentation from a variety of stores that are closely related to the ShowBiz Pizza / Chuck E. Cheese concept. Some of these restaurants are international incarnations of the US concept, while others are spin-off restaurants. Some of these stores are themed around similar characters, and some such as Looney Bird's, were once a chain of restaurants.
• Room 501 contains various documents and promotional material from some of ShowBiz Pizza's and Chuck E. Cheese's international locations. These documents range from the early 1980s to the more recent past. As you might expect, some of these are printed in a foreign language.

• Room 502 features various documents and promotional material released by Looney Bird's. These stores were a spin-off concept founded by Creative Engineering, and has had three stores since it's inception - the test location in Orlando, FL, a store in Jackson, TN, and another in Covington, LA.

• Room 503 has documents and promotional material released by Billy Bob's Wonderland. At one point there were at least two locations along the KY/WV border. Today there is one surviving location which has been dubbed "Super Wonderland" because of added attractions such as laser-tag, adventure golf, and a go-kart track.