Mr. Munch

Mr. Munch has been a member of Chuck E. Cheese's cast of characters since the very early days of Pizza Time Theatre. Although he was not one of the original cast members, he has earned a lasting place among Chuck E.'s friends, and is currently the frontman for CEC's backup group "Munch's Make Believe Band". Munch has a penchant for eating and is continually hungry, always making comments and quips about it. His favorite food? Pizza of course!

Late 1970s / 1980s

Mr. Munch originally appeared in November, 1978 at the opening of Pizza Time Theatre's second store on Kooser Rd. He was described as the "purple pizza eater" who loves to pilfer and purloin from Pasqually's kitchen - he sings, laughs, and scares people1. The idea for Mr. Munch came from Michael M. Hatcher, director of entertainment for Pizza Time Theatre. Hatcher decided that the cast needed a monster character, and in order to make room for him, Crusty was removed.2 Early concept sketches for Mr. Munch by artist Debbie Barton show him in different color combinations, such as green/yellow, red/yellow, blue/yellow, and orange/yellow. However, by the time his character design was completed, it was decided that he would be purple and yellow, as seen in his first appearance.

Mr. Munch was voiced by Scott Wilson from 1978 into the late 1980s, with the exception of a brief alternate voice actor which was used shortly after ShowBiz aquired Pizza Time Theatre in a 1986 showtape3. Wilson recalls getting paid $8,000 for his first recording session for Mr. Munch, which he assumed was an overpayment error, but ended up being accurate4. Scott Wilson's version of Munch spoke in a gravely voice, and was often protrayed as being a little slower-witted than the other members of the cast.

Immediately following his introduction, Munch began to appear on Pizza Time Theatre merchandise including an early plush doll, shirts, and a 1979 comic book, where it was revealed that he's actually an alien from a planet made entirely of pizza5.

The 1990s

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The 2000s - Today

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