A Note on ShowBizPizza.com Correspondence

If you're seeing this page, you've clicked on a reference link regarding the private correspondence ShowBizPizza.com has had with someone related to the Chuck E. Cheese's and/or ShowBiz Pizza concept. Over the course of our 15+ years online, the people who helped work on this website have had the chance to meet and converse with many individuals who have contributed to the CEC/SPP world. These generous people have been very instrumental to our collection of knowledge and behind-the-scenes information which we are able to share here on ShowBizPizza.com.

So why are you seeing this generic explanation instead of the actual references? There's several reasons for that. The main reason is because we want to respect the privacy of our sources. As nice it might sound to share the actual e-mail messages, it's simply not appropriate to share people's e-mail addresses (and private writings) with the world. Often times the information we actually reference is buried amongst information which is completely unrelated, and again, sometimes private and off-topic.

In other examples, the information was shared with us verbally and there is no recorded documentation. Some of the information was obtained via non-permanent sources such as Facebook postings and messages. Other times information has been shared with a trusted community member who has been gracious enough to share the information with us.

We hope you understand that, although we go to great lengths to reference the information we share, it's not always feasible or practical to provide a concrete reference for every little tidbit we are fortunate enough to collect.