A Little About Us...

ShowBizPizza.com is an educational website designed to inform the public about all aspects and topics relating to the history of Chuck E. Cheese's and ShowBiz Pizza Place. Since 1999, we have been the premiere online resource for people seeking to learn more about this unique restaurant concept.

Our operation and service to the fan community is completely self-funded by the generous contribution and support of our most dedicated fans. We are completely non-profit - any and all proceeds earned from our "SP.com Online Shop" are used to directly cover the fees associated with our service (hosting fees, bandwidth costs, etc). Although we have no official affiliation with CEC Entertainment, Inc or Creative Engineering, Inc, we have always sought to remain on positive terms with both companies.

Our website is made possible by the fans of Chuck E. Cheese's and ShowBiz Pizza. Aside from the volunteered time and efforts of our community, the material we host and share has been submitted / donated by dedicated fans who have managed to care for and preserve it through the years. It is to these generous contributors that we are greatly indebted!

Our goal is simple - to make sure that every fan leaves educated!