The following list of links will lead you outside of the Domain. This is a great place to find information and photos that are not included here on - however, please note that we cannot control the content and updating of these sites.

Chuck E. Cheese and ShowBiz Related Links

Chuck E. Cheese's - Official CEC website with games, information and CEC stuff for sale. Also has video clips of CEC shows, and company press releases.

Rock-afire Explosion Documentary - Website for the upcoming documentary film by Window Pictures entitled "The Rock-afire Explosion". This film covers Chris Thrash's journey to bring the RAE back into the public consciousness, as well as the fandom in general. Slated to be released fall 2008.

Creative Engineering - Official website for Creative Engineering. Has info about products offered by Creative Engineering. Purchase a classic Rock-afire Explosion or other rare shows.

Forrest's Token Page - Website dedicated to Tokens, and has an entire subsection dedicated to Chuck E. Cheese and ShowBiz Tokens.

Vox Audio - Official website of Vox Audio (Toxic Audio). Acappella and theatrical group featuring Shalisa James (voice of Mitzi Mozzerela)

Burt Wilson - Official website for Burt Wilson (voice of Fatz Geronimo)

Gene Landrum - Official website for Gene Landrum, one of the founding members of Pizza Time Theatre, Inc.

Jeff Howell - Website of Jeff Howell (voice of Uncle Klunk)

Earl Fisher - Website of Earl Fisher (current voice of Pasqually)

Smitty's Super Service Station - Owner, Damon Breland, offers a new Rock-afire establishment for all to enjoy. Hosting birthday parties, special events, and always welcoming Rock-afire fans.

Chuck E. Cheese's - Chile - International CEC website for the country of Chile. It's written in Spanish, but a fun site to check out even if you can't understand it. - Rock-afire fansite created by Sandra Wong.

Friends of and Other Links

Phred's Cool Punchout!! Website - Website dedicated to the classic Nintendo game Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Has lots of info, and previews of Phred's custom hack.

Rapid T. Rabbit - Website for the "Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends" Public Access Cable TV show. You can watch the Rapid T. Rabbit show over the internet via webcast.

Calaway Park - Western Canada's largest outdoor family amusement park. At one time this park had the Hard Luck Bears show.

Santa's Village - Located in Jefferson, NH, Santa's Village is home of one of Creative Engineering's earliest animatronic shows, the Santa Claus Revue.