Pasqually was one of the original cast members and part of the original group of "nitwits". He is (and always has been) the only human member of the cast, and when not playing with the band, Pasqually doubles as Chuck E. Cheese's pizza chef. He has a unique sense of humor, and his jokes often come at the chagrin of the other characters.

Late 1970s / Early 1980s

In the beginning at the original Pizza Time Theatre, Pasqually's main purpose was to announce the pizza orders when they were ready, coming out of the kitchen from behind closed doors and calling out to the crowd1. This function was quickly discontinued however as it was nearly impossible to keep up since pizzas were being sold so fast and continuously2. By the opening of Pizza Time's second store on Kooser Road, Pasqually was still announcing, only this time it was for birthday introductions (and also when the walkaround Chuck E was getting ready to appear)3. In the actual shows Pasqually would periodically come out and attempt to be included in the show, often overstaying his welcome and getting reprimanded by Chuck E. Cheese.

Pasqually was voiced by Joe Spano from 1977 until 1983. Spano portrayed Pasqually in a very straightforward manner, sometimes a little gruff, but with a great sense of humor - he was about the only cast member who would occasionally go toe-to-toe with Chuck E. Cheese and his insults. In 1982, Scott Wilson replaced Spano for the 3rd Madame Oink showtape entitled "Tunnel of Love", and again took the reigns of the character full-time begining in 1984. Wilson continued to voice Pasqually up until the merger with ShowBiz Pizza a few years later. With a slightly different accent than when performed by Spano, Wilson's Pasqually was a little friendlier and paved the way for the more refined character Pasqually was to become in the years that followed.

Late 1980s

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The 1990s

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The 2000s - Today

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