The 'Birthday Spider', Antioch, was a supporting character for the Rock-afire Explosion. He was Fatz's pet spider and would drop down from the ceiling above the stage (between Dook and Fatz). He was named after the 1st ShowBiz Pizza Place that opened in Kansas City, MO - in the Antioch Shopping Center. He spoke in a garbled voice and was mentioned in showtapes beginning in 1984.

Choo-choo was the baby bear located in the stump near Dook's drum set. From time to time, he would pop out of the stump, and bounce to the music. Although Choo-choo never had a speaking voice, on the Trivia Night showtape he was named and introduced by the Rock-afire as the only character who had "never introduced a show before".
Sun & Moon

The Sun and Moon were two prop characters that often had background vocals in songs, and also quite a few speaking roles. Because they were utilized for specific parts through the years, they had several voices and personalities - which was dependant upon what they were needed for in a particular show. An early outtake skit had the Sun as a female, and the Moon as a male. In the Abbey Road medley, Rick Bailey played the singing voice of the Moon. And in the Cyberstar era of the late 1980s, the Moon was used for intros and emceeing shows. The most prominent and widely used personalities for Sun and Moon were given to them by Burt "Sal" Wilson in 1984. They both had very defined speaking roles in both the Uncle Santa showtape and Senior Citizens showtape. The Sun had a mellow, peace keeper type of attitude, whereas the Moon was snippy and obsessed with propriety.

The Frog is another prop character. Early on, he was positioned on Beach Bear's surfboard. This was done for a specific reason - early versions of Frog had eyes that were attached by springs. When Beach Bear would rock back and forth the Frog's eyes would bounce around. Later, the eyes were changed from red to blue, and he was moved to the stage floor and became more of a decoration.
Birthday Bird

The Birthday Bird was the little yellow bird sitting at the end of Billy Bob's guitar. Although he had no voice or recognition in any Rock-afire Explosion shows, he was initially regarded as quite important. The original Billy Bob walkaround character had a Birthday Bird perched on his shoulder, and an early ShowBiz Pizza marketing exec even proposed making plush Birthday Birds to market to the birthday children having parties at ShowwBiz.

The Owl was a prop character that was discontinued very early after the creation of the Rock-afire Explosion. He sat on the same stump as Dook, near his bass drum. Aside from appearing a couple of early Rock-afire promotional brochures and videos, the only other image depicting the existence of the Rock-afire Owl was in a coloring book page from the 1982 Billy Bob's Busytime Book.
Bad Frog

The "Bad" Frog was a character present only in the Mini-stage version of the Rock-afire Explosion. He looked similar to the regular Frog, except he had gnarly teeth poking out of his mouth, black furry eyebrows, and darker markings painted on his skin. He was chained to a sign on the "Used and Abused Tars" prop that read - Beware Bad Frog.
Singing Flowers

Another scarce set of characters were the animatronic Flowers included with the Mini-stage Rock-afire. There were two distinct types - an alstroemeria flower with painted eyes and mouth, and the strelitzia flower (bird of paradise). Both types had animatronic mouths allowing them to sing background vocals.