Segment 1
"The Future Looks Fun To Me"

Intermission 1
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"There's Nothing You Can't Do"

Intermission 2
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Guessing Game"
"See You Soon My Friend"

Intermission 3
8 Minute Countdown

Well folks, this is the first showtape without the ShowBiz intro. Not only did they do away with the Rock-afire, but now they were doing the same with ShowBiz. This show was better than the preceeding Jan '91 Show. It seemed like they got it figured out and had everything down tight for this one. The puppets had correct eye-ball colors unlike the preceeding tape. The Chuck puppet was also redone for this tape. The walkaround characters got their shoe colors set too. The show's great songs like "Tech-No-Rific" and "Guessing Game" would be seen on later Best Of and Complication tapes. The song "The Future Looks Fun To Me" was re-released on the January 1999 Show (Time Travel Review), and almost again on the April 2003 Show!

CEC TV Intro - This was the first tape to have the new CEC intro.

Hidden Video - This showtape includes a 3 minute "making of" montage which follows the show (probably for employees only). The 'Making of' includes shots of the then voice actors, puppeteers, child dancer tryouts, orchestra, and...Jeremy Blaido(!!!) as a walkaround Chuck E (with head on and off). Also they show what was probably the old ShowBiz showtape production crew!

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This is another cool show... but I have to say it's hard for me to give older shows a bad review. It may have a great deal to do with the fact that I was a lot younger when these shows were on, and I just have great memories? These were a lot more repetitive than today's shows, and the intermissions were just countdowns. They must have felt it was a winner at home office because some of these songs went on to the Best of 1993. It was kind of weird to see Jeremy dressed up as Chuck! Ironically, now Jeremy Blaido does lots of character voices, and was in charge of the whole Entertainment Dept (1999 - 2003)!