Intermission 1
The Tube Explorer
2 Minute Countdown: "Clementine"

Segment 1
"I've Got The Music In Me"
"Live It Up"

Intermission 2
Eddie Coker: "Give It Away"
"Italian Street Song"
2 Minute Countdown: "Oh Susanna"

Segment 2
"Just One Look" / "Please Mister Postman"
"Let's Go"

Intermission 3
Clifford The Big Red Dog
3 Minute Countdown: "Jack & Jill"

Segment 3
"Pop Muzik"
"Shake It Up"

Intermission 4
PBS Kids Promo
Who Framed Roger Rabbit DVD Promo
"I Love A Piano"

Who here remembers the Terrific Time Travel Review? Well, take that show, and make it ten times better, and now you have the April 2003 Show! Continuing the storyline/theme idea from the Holiday 2002 Show (where Chuck E and the gang interact with human characters in a small story between songs), the April 03 Show takes us on a ride from 2003 to 1975, then back to the old west, then forward into the 1960's, then way into the future in the year 3000, and back into 2003. It's a fun show with AWESOME songs.

As the storyline goes, Chuck E's friend Dr. Googleplex has a time machine and he takes us on a trip through different time periods. Does the plot sound familiar? It should, because this show is loosely based on the "Back To The Future" trilogy, from the wild hair-do of the Doc, to the intro/exit music for each segment. Here's another interesting comparison: The three segments model after the three parts of the trilogy...including the past, the distant future, and the old west. Even at one point in Skit Two the 60's band asked to go 'back to the future' with Chuck E and the gang.

Although there are only three segments, this show plays out very long, so those of you who remember Summertime 2000 won't have to worry about this show being so repetitive. As for which version to see this show in, I say either or both. The MMBB version is surely a winner among fans because of the curtain diversity, as similar to the Holiday 2002 Show. I myself enjoyed watching this show in the Studio C format, and I must admit the best part is when the time machine travels through time... the special effects and lighting effects go nuts at these parts of the show! It's fun and great!

Studio C (Part 1) - Two differences to note for the Helen Henny puppet in this show: Helen no longer has the bows in her hair that she sported in the September 2002 Show and Holiday 2002 Show, and she now wears a new purple cheerleading outfit (the design is the same with the yellow stripe and "H" as in the previous green outfit).

Studio C (Part 2) - Munch's background color is once again an amber color. It was orange in the September 2002 Show, and has been altered back to an amber color in this show.

Countdowns - Alright!!! These were really great! Originally 7 minute generic and dull intermissions in the September 2002 Show, these countdowns were shortened to 5 minutes in the Holiday 2002 Show. Still too long and quite boring, I think CEC Entertainment has finally got it right this time around in the April 2003 Show. Now, these 2-3 minute countdowns are actual CEC songs!!! The two countdown songs "Oh Susanna" and "Clementine" are from the Just For Kids Show, and "Jack & Jill" is from Chuck E's Rockin Rhymes. What a great idea to use these old CEC songs... bravo!

Promo Intermissions - Is it just me or does this show seem to have many ad-like promos? PBS and Clifford are advertised in the show, and so is the Roger Rabbit dvd. But I think the most disappointing one was the Tube Explorer episode, which was nothing more than a plug for the coupons on Minute Maid boxes. I actually don't mind promo intermissions too badly... it just took me by surprise that there are so many of them!

Character Songs - Every character has a song in this show! Jasper sings "Live It Up", Helen sings "Please Mister Postman", Pasqually sings "Italian Street Song", and Munch sings "I Love A Piano".

Song Covers - All the songs in this show are covers, with two Cars songs, "Let's Go" and "Shake It Up". This is the first show I have seen in a long time that has no parodies or original songs.

Stand Alone Songs - Just like in the Holiday 2002 Show, some of the characters have their own songs during the intermissions (I listed them under their own segments above, but they actually have nothing to do with the time travel story). Pasqually sings "Italian Street Song" and Munch sings "I Love A Piano". During the songs for the Studio C version, the puppets appear on the center screen singing the song. Chuck E's curtains remain closed for both songs during the Studio C version. As for the 3 Stage version, during Pasqually's solo only his curtains are open, and during Munch's solo only the center stage curtains are open. I think these stand along songs are a great gives the Existing Stages and Studio C some curtain diversity, and it gives a chance for the other CEC characters to sing their own solos. More songs never hurt!

Future Looks Fun To Me - In Segment 3, the gang goes to the future. Right after the song, "Pop Muzik", Jasper started in on the classic CEC song, "Future Looks Fun To Me", which has last appeared in the Terrific Time Travel Review. Thankfully Pasqually stopped that goofy song from happening... "Let's not go there".

Back To The Future - As mentioned above, there are a lot of references to the Back To The Future trilogy. For one, the gang travel to the past, the future, and the old west. There is a good joke at the beginning of Segment 2 that refers to the movie where Jasper calls Pasqually a chicken and Pasqually freaks out. For those who have seen the movie you will get the in-joke here. Also in Segment 2, the leader of the band interacts with Chuck E and Dr. Googleplex. The way the character looks and talks is exactly the same as George McFly, Marty's shy father in Back To The Future.

CEC TV IDs - CEC TV IDs are the short animated bumpers usually found at the beginning and/or end of each intermission.
-Intermission 1 - Janitor ID
-Intermission 2 - Blender ID
-Intermission 3 - Couch ID

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music and video has been reused from the January 2003 Show.

April 2003 Show Logo - The show logo features the four different time periods themed to this show's storyline. The different parts include themes of the 60's, 70's, old west, and the future, and each spell out either 'CEC TV' or 'C.E.C.'.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I'm very impressed with this show, especially with the song choices and the whole "Back to the Future" theme. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first with this whole new show concept with the small story plots. I have grown fond of the last few years with the themeless, but very well done, variety-style shows. But now I welcome these new concepts with open arms because the Holiday 02 Show and the Apr 03 Show have both been great shows! If this trend continues, I will most definitely look forward to what's next for CEC Entertainment!

I really don't have a favorite song in this show because I think all of them were great choices, but I think I like the two oldies in Segment Two the best, and "Pop Muzik" and "Shake It Up" from Segment Three.

The only thing I would change in this show would be to add more originality to the intermissions. The Pasqually and Munch stand-alone songs are great, and the CEC songs that are countdown intermissions are a perfect fit, but I would like to see more CEC originals in the intermissions. I found myself not that impressed with the Clifford and Roger Rabbit promos...I prefer Baking With Betty, Larry, and Super Jasper anyday. And whatever happened to a new episode of Monkey Ninjas?

Oh well, I just have to say one more time that this was a fun show with great song choices and I can't wait to see it again!