Segment 1
"That's The Way"

Intermission 1
Pizza Survivor
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"Living In America"
"Try Again"

Intermission 2
The Tube Explorer
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Shining Star"
"Roll The Pizza Dough"

Intermission 3
Eddie Coker: "Keep Shining"
7 Minute Countdown

Segment 4

Intermission 4
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 3
7 Minute Countdown (Studio C Only)

Intermission 4
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 2
Time To Fly! (Studio C Only)

The September 2002 show continues the tradition of classic songs mixed with some nice originals. The original songs have nice morals about life... chase after your dreams, and make sure to try again! These songs reminds me of the more inspirational originals found in Chuck E's Rockin Rhymes. The other songs are fun classics, such as 'Shout!' and 'ABC'. You can really say there is something for everybody! Another great song in this show, 'Living in America', is a very appropriate song choice, especially since September 02 marks the one year anniversary of the tragedic WTC attack. Finally, there is a funny parody song, 'Roll the Pizza Dough', which is Pasqually's version of 'Let the Good Times Roll'.

There are actually only four intermissions for Sep 02: Pizza Survivor, The Tube Explorer, an Eddie Coker song, and the third installment of Monkey Ninjas. All four of these intermissions are great... I think Pizza Survivor is the show stealer... it is hilarious!!!! The Tube Explorer and Monkey Ninjas are back and funnier than ever, and Eddie Coker sings another inspiring song about life. No Veggietales? What makes this show interesting is that it takes an idea from the old shows from the early 90's. Back in the earlier shows, there were 10 minute countdown intermissions until the next skit. These made intermissions longer and gave the stage show a longer break. Well, CEC Entertainment brought back this idea with the September 02 show, after one of the four intermissions are over, there is a 7 minute 'music video' countdown until the next skit. Great idea to help make the intermissions longer, but let's hope if they continue this trend in the future that they liven them up a little bit.

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Dream".

Studio C (Part 2) - The Studio C puppet backgrounds have star patterns instead of the usual diagonal stripe. Munch's screen color once again returns to orange from an amber (like in January 2002 and April 2001).

Studio C (Part 3) - The Helen Henny puppet now sports green bows in her hair.

Existing Stages - Both Chuck E's and Pasqually's curtains close during Helen's "Dream".

Character Songs - Helen sings the wonderful original song, "Dream", Jasper sings "Try Again", and Pasqually's song is "Roll The Pizza Dough". Both Helen and Jasper play a major role in "ABC". For the first time since September 2000 Show, Munch doesn't have a solo song.

Originals & Parodies - "Dream" and "Try It Again" are CEC originals. "Roll The Pizza Dough" is a parody of the Cars song, "Let The Good Times Roll". The rest of the songs in this show are covers, although "That's The Way" has some altered lyrics.

Countdowns (Part 1) - The Countdown intermissions are generic video footage set to relaxing, generic music. The first one has space footage, the second has sky diving, the third has wildlife, and the fourth has various effects.

Countdowns (Part 2) - At the 6-minute marker of the 7 Minute Countdown intermissions, a character or a person would come on-screen to warn the guests that the show will resume in 5 minutes. In Intermission 1, Mike Manly and Wick Letterback 'with a CEC TV Special Report' did this, and in Intermission 3, Betty 'from Baking With Betty' also made the announcement. In Intermissions 2 and 4, Jason made the announcement.

Countdowns (Part 3) - The 7 Minute Countdown after Monkey Ninjas in Intermission 4 is not used in the Existing Stages version.

Pizza Survivor (Part 1) - I am proud and happy to note that I created the idea of the intermission, Pizza Survivor! I scripted and storyboarded the intermission for CEC Entertainment, and I must say that I am very pleased with how it came out!!! I want to personally thank Jeremy Blaido who made my story sketches come alive in a fun and funny animated cartoon! Pizza Survivor is a parody of reality television, with Pasqually the host of the show, and Munch, Helen, and Jasper the contestants. The purpose of the game? To survive not eating Pasqually's delicious pepperoni pizza of course!

Pizza Survivor (Part 2) - Jasper sings the first line of "Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight", a classic CEC song parody from the August 1999 Show.

The Tube Explorer - In this episode of the Tube Explorer, Hank Howdy explores Ticket Munchers and prizes!

Department 18 Cameos (Part 1) - In "Try Again", Jeremy Blaido teaches his son how to ride a bicycle.

Department 18 Cameos (Part 2) - Matt Schartz is the DJ in "Shout", and the star in "Shining Star".

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music is reused from the April 2002 Show, while the video footage is the September 2002 Show logo.

September 2002 Show Logo - A spoof of the movie Cast Away - a shipwrecked survivor sees a plane fly overhead and gathers leaves, coconuts, branches... and makes markings in the sand - which spells out CEC TV and a drawing of Chuck E's head.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

The September 2002 show is a great show with a nice variety of songs. Segment 4 is my personal favorite because it has really energetic songs, and the CEC original "Dream" has a great message & a nice beat. The rest of the song line-up is really cool - including James Brown's "Living In America", and the parody of the Cars songs "Roll The Pizza Dough". In all, the song line-up is great - including fun video footage and a creative show logo.

The intermission line-up is also strong, with new episodes of fan favorites The Tube Explorer and Monkey Ninjas, and the brand new cartoon Pizza Survivor is a welcomed unique addition to the show. The 7 Minute Countdowns are a bit too long for my taste when I first saw this show, but after repeated viewings the length didn't matter to me, and the generic music became kind of catchy. Plus I thought it was clever when a character would comment that there were five minutes left until showtime. Gotta love Wick!

In all, September 2002 has many memorable songs and intermissions... although I believe the April 2002 line-up is a bit better than this one. Another excellent job by the Entertainment Department!