Segment 1
"Walking On Sunshine"
"Dancing In The Street"

Intermission 1
Pasqually's Polka Minute
VeggieTales: "The Song Of The Cebu"

Segment 2
"La Bamba"
"Take The Last Train To Clarksville"

Intermission 2
Eddie Coker: "Life Is What You Make It"
The Tube Explorer

Segment 3
"Bring The House Down"

Intermission 3
Will Frye The Nutrition Guy
Trout Fishing In America: "Pico De Gallo"

Segment 4
"Let Me Be There"
"On The Road Again"

Intermission 4
VeggieTales: "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 1

What is another great way to ring in the New Year? With another great CEC show, of course! I tell you, shows have been outstanding for the past year (I actually believe September 2000 is the starting point for this new 'Golden Age' of CEC shows). Lets examine CEC TV, shall we? Similar to the Jan 01 Show this show features songs ranging from the 60's to present day. Yes, songs that we all know and love...including "Dancing in the Street", the upbeat "Bring the House Down", the Monkees song: "Take the Last Train to Clarksville", and a Michael Jackson parody: "Dinner", based on his famous "Thriller"...which even features something very thrilling...Will Frye the Nutrition Guy!!! Just kidding! But this show also keeps the same formula that made past shows popular: Pasqually telling dumb jokes, polka, and know...him. Jasper being sarcastic and yet still lovable. And Munch singing about food. All the ingredients for a good show are an old favorite live show, "Walking On Sunshine" as a song bonus, makes CEC TV so far one of the best shows to date. Monkey Ninjas anyone?

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Dancing In The Street". Although the curtains are closed, the Pizza Phone and Neon Clock strobe to the beat.

Studio C (Part 2) - The Studio C puppet backgrounds have the same design as the September 2001 Show. Munch's screen color is now orange again like in Chuck E's Rockin' Rhymes and Summertime 2001. In September 2001 it was changed to an amber color.

Existing Stages - Both Chuck E's and Pasqually's curtains close during Helen's "Dancing In The Street".

Character Songs - Helen's song is the upbeat "Dancing In The Street", Munch sings "Dinner", and Jasper does "On The Road Again". Pasqually has no song in the show, although he does star in the Polka Minute intermission.

Dinner - "Dinner" is a parody of Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller".

The Tube Explorer - This is a brand new in-house intermission series! Hank Howdy (played by Ryan Hollingsworth) is a professional tube explorer, and in this episode he takes us on a trip inside the tubes. "That slide came out of nowhere!!!"

Pasqually's Polka Minute - In Segment 1, Pasqually keeps asking Chuck E if it's time for the Polka Minute. Well, after Segment 1 is over we find out what the Polka Minute is...a weird one-minute intermission where Pasqually dances around to two guys playing the tuba and accordian!

VeggieTales - The two VeggieTales shorts, "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" & "Song Of The Cebu", are reused from the Just For Kids Show (April 2000).

Will Frye The Nutrition Guy - The episode of Will Frye The Nutrition Guy is back once again. Nothing new, except for different music during the Egyptian pyramid part. This episode of Nutrition Corner has been used in several shows in 1998, and once again in Chuck E's Variety Show.

Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas - Deva George (who creates all the funny and clever CEC animations, show logos, and D-Mac IDs) was asked by Jeremy Blaido if he had his own animated shorts to use in the show as intermissions. And luckily he had a couple of Monkey Ninjas just for the occasion! Episode 1 was a smash hit with CEC employees and fans - with quirky humor and plenty of monkey ninja action.

Running Gag - You all know how Pasqually loves his jokes..."What did the bee say when he flew into the hive?" Well, Chuck E responds to the joke question - "Haven't we already heard this one?". Well, Pasqually actually did tell the same joke in the September 2001 show. The punch line was "Honey, I'm home!". But in the January 2002 Show, Pasqually had a different punch line: "Gee, it sure is swarm in here!".

Department 18 Cameos (Part 1) - Jeremy Blaido and Robert Gotcher are the two dancers in "Walking On Sunshine." Jeremy also makes a cameo as Will Frye in "Dinner" and in the repeated intermission Nutrition Corner. Matt Schartz is the show announcer. This is also Matt's first show as Production Coordinator.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music is new, but the video is the January 2001 Show logo.

January 2002 Show Logo - We first see a four-beaker chemstry set, and then we go inside each having a "C" germ, the next having an "E" germ, and the third has another "C" germ. We then go into the final beaker and all the germs form together into "CEC TV".

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

A great show, CEC TV has something fun for everybody. Employees rave about that Monkey Ninja intermission, and the kids seem to get a kick out of Tube Explorer. Me? I prefer all those energetic songs like "Bring the House Down" and "Dancing in the Street"...the songs really did bring the house down! The only problem were the intermissions...they aren't really anything special compared to the last couple of shows. Sure, this show has the first Tube Explorer and CPMN - but everything else is kind of dry, although I do have to admit the Polka Minute was pretty funny. The songs rocked and the show's atmosphere is great, so paws up for January 2002!!!!