Segment 1
"Chuck E's Dance Party"

Intermission 1
Will Frye The Nutrition Guy

Segment 2
"Dancin' And Singin'"

Intermission 2
Laugh Tracks

Segment 3
"Disco Chuck"

Intermission 3
Singing Cowboy

Segment 4
"Safety Pin"

Intermission 4
A Day At The Movies
Drawing Chuck E

Segment 5
"Rockin' Robin"

Intermission 5
Chuck E's Big Bowling Date

Segment 6
"Tokens To Ride"

Intermission 6
Larry The Technician

Segment 7
"Hip Mouse"

Intermission 7
Larry The Technician

Segment 8
"Pizza Serenade"

Intermission 8
Super Jasper
Pond Watch

Segment 9
"Chuck E Town"

Intermission 9
Super Jasper

Segment 10
"Let's Dance"

Intermission 10
Memories Are Forever
The Virtuoso

Segment 11
"Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight"
"Boat Of Love" / "We Sail The Ocean Blue"

Intermission 11
Name That Cheese
Larry The Technician

Segment 12
"We All Love Music"

Intermission 12
Clowns Making A Sandwich

Segment 13
"We Are The Same"

Intermission 13
I Like This Game
Baking With Betty
Book Your Party Online Promo (Existing Stages Only)

Combining the best songs and intermissions from the shows in 1999 (and some intermissions from 1998), Chuck E's Variety Show is an awesome, long, show. The Best of 1999 follows along the lines of Best of 1993... where both shows contain some great songs from the previous year and are considered generic, which means they can be used at anytime in case of an emergency to the current show. The Variety Show features songs from the three shows in 1999: Chuck E's Terrific Time Travel Review, Dance Party, and Chuck E's Fabulous World Adventure.

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Dancin' And Singin'" and "Chuck E Town".

Studio C (Part 2) - The Studio C puppet backgrounds are the same paint-splattered design from the Fabulous World Adventure (August 1999 Show). All new puppet footage was shot for all the songs...considering that the Terrific Time Travel Review and Dance Party shows didn't have any puppets in them (Costume characters were used instead).

Studio C (Part 3) - Chuck E sings "Hip Mouse" & "Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight" in the Studio C version of this show, while Munch sings "Hip Mouse" & Jaser sings "Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight" in the Existing Stages version.

Existing Stages - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Chuck E Town".

Character Songs - Helen sings "Dancin' And Singin'", "We Are The Same", and "Chuck E Town"; Munch sings "Pizza Serenade"; and Jasper sings "Tokens To Ride" and "Chuck E's Dance Party". As mentioned above Munch also sings "Hip Mouse" and Jasper sings "Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight" in the Existing Stages version. Finally, Mike Manly sings "Boat Of Love".

Parodies - "Chuck E Town" is a parody of "Funky Town", "Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight" is a parody of "Cheese Burger In Paradise", "Safety Pin" is a parody of "Safety Dance", "Disco Chuck" is a parody of "Disco Duck", "Hip Mouse" is a parody of "Brick House", "We Sail The Ocean Blue" is a parody of the song with the same name, and "Tokens To Ride" is a parody of "Ticket To Ride". The rest of the song line-up are CEC originals, and the royalty free "Rockin' Robin" is a cover.

Intermissions - Most of the intermissions - such as Will Frye, Announcer, Pond Watch, Larry, etc. come from the 1998 shows. The rest of the line-up come from the 1999 shows - Dance Party and Fabulous World Adventure. Chuck E's Big Bowling Date, At The Movies, The Virtuoso, and Laugh Tracks are from 1994.

Chuck E's Variety Show - This show is generic and can be used anytime. That is why all the songs and intermissions chosen for this show are CEC originals or parodies. This emergency show officially retired in December 2002 for a new generic show.

CEC TV IDs - CEC TV IDs are the short animated bumpers usually found at the beginning and/or end of each intermission. A brand new computer animated CEC TV ID debutes in this show. Cows are abducted by UFOs, and leave the letters 'CEC TV' in the field. This appears after every other intermission in this show.

Book Your Party Promo - The promo takes place last in the Existing Stages version show schedule.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break video is Chuck E's Variety Show logo. This is the last show to have a 1-minute, 2-minute, and 3-minute break options.

Chuck E's Variety Show Logo - The show logo says "Chuck E's Variety Show", with the 'Y' balancing a chair and some plates. A funny little guy in a tuxedo does some different dances across the screen!

-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This is a spectacular show with all the fun and music from the three major shows in 1999. If any of you thought that this was a cheap show with nothing but repeats, then think again... it might be easy to throw a bunch of already recorded songs together... but don't forget about making new puppetry and recording and programming new intros and conclusions to all of the skits. And speaking of the skits, I thought this show was not repetitive at all from how long it is. The only problem is that you've got to wait an hour and a half to get back to your favorite song again!!! A fun, enjoyable show - I recommend any manager or technician to pop this generic show back in some day to see some of the greatest songs in CEC's career.