Intermission 1
Ken Chuck E Derby (Existing Stages Only)
5 Minute Countdown

Segment 1
"Larger Than Life"

Intermission 2
The Tube Explorer
WFW Babysitter

Segment 2
"Chuck E"

Intermission 3
Eddie Coker: "I Believe"

Segment 3
"Paper Or Plastic"

Intermission 4
Baking With Betty
Super Jasper

Segment 4
"Drinkin' A Coca-Cola"

Intermission 5
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 2

Segment 5

Intermission 6
Sing-Along Guys Outtakes
Pasqually's Polka Minute

Segment 6
"CEC Chuck E Cheese"

Intermission 7

Segment 7
"Humpty Dumpty"

Intermission 8
"The Muffin Man"
Closing Time?

Segment 8
"That's A Deal"

Intermission 9
Sky Diving (Studio C Only)

The January 2003 Show is a 'Best of' show featuring the best original songs and parodies between 2000 - 2002. This includes songs and intermissions from the Just For Kids Show, Summertime, The Chuck E Cheese Show, Jan 01 Show, Rockin Rhymes, Sep 01 Show, Jan 02 Show, and Apr 02 Show.

No new dialogue was recorded for this show, everything was recycled from previous shows. After the songs are over, all the curtains immediately close. In all, I think everything flowed very well without dialogue... although the show was a bit boring and short without the character's talking and interacting with each other. But don't forget CEC Entertainment had very little time to complete this show because of the Holiday 2002 Show... but I think the final product turned out nicely.

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains remain closed during Helen's "Chuck E".

Studio C (Part 2) - All puppet footage has been reused from prior shows.

Existing Stages - Chuck E's curtains remain closed during Helen's "Chuck E".

Character Songs - Helen sings "Chuck E" and Jasper sings "That's A Deal". No Munch or Pasqually songs have been reused in this show.

Originals & Parodies - "Jump", "Humpty Dumpty", "CEC Chuck E Cheese", and "That's A Deal" are all CEC originals. "Larger Than Life" is a parody of the Backstreet Boys song of the same name, "Chuck E" parodies Britney Spear's "Drive Me Crazy", "Drinkin' A Coca-Cola" is Ricky Martin's "Living La Vida Loca", and "Paper Or Plastic" is Beatles' "Paperback Writer".

Behind The Video - The Behind the Video segment that appeared at the beginning of "Chuck E." in the September 2000 Show is not used in this show.

New Intermissions - As stated above there is no new dialogue recordings in this show... unlike the previous generic Chuck E's Variety Show. There is actually only two new things in this show: The outtakes from the Sing-Along Guys intermission with Jeremy Blaido and Robert Gotcher, and a new music intermission set to the generic sky diving video (which is only for Studio C). But other than that, everything from the previous CEC TV show logos to the animatronic movements have been reused for this show.

The Muffin Man - The "Muffin Man" from the Just For Kids Show appears in an intermission instead of a segment. Curtains are not open (in all stage variations) and the puppets do not appear on-screen (in the Studio C version).

Department 18 Cameos - It was Matt Schartz's job to put the January 2003 Show together. If you notice, Matt makes a cameo appearance in every segment except for "Humpty Dumpty" and "Jump". Matt has almost as much screen time as Chuck E in this show! And, as stated before, the other two great guys that round out Department 18, Jeremy Blaido and Robert Gotcher, appear in the hilarious Sing-along Guys Outtakes!

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music is brand new (mixed by Matt Schartz!) The video footage is CEC TV text with cool effects.

CEC TV IDs - CEC TV IDs are the short animated bumpers usually found at the beginning and/or end of each intermission.
-Intermission 1 - Janitor ID
-Intermission 2 - Cow Abduction ID
-Intermission 3 - CEC TV Jingle 2 ID, Rocketship ID
-Intermission 4 - Haircut ID
-Intermission 5 - Couch ID
-Intermission 6 - None
-Intermission 7 - Blender ID
-Intermission 8 - None

Best Of CEC TV - January 2003 Show (Best Of CEC TV) is the newest generic show and can be played at any time beyond its store run. It replaces the generic Chuck E's Variety Show. Here is the official list of where the songs and intermissions came from:
-Just For Kids Show: "The Muffin Man"
-Summertime: Wildlife
-September 2000 Show: "Chuck E", "Drinkin A Coca-Cola", "Jump", Closing Time?
-January 2001 Show: "Larger Than Life", Baking With Betty, WFW Babysitter
-April 2001 Show: "Humpty Dumpty", Super Jasper
-September 2001 Show: "Paper or Plastic", Amphicar, "I Believe", "Old MacDonald" (w/o Outtakes)
-January 2002 Show: Tube Explorer, Polka Minute
-April 2002 Show: "CEC Chuck E Cheese", Monkey Ninjas, "That's A Deal"
-January 2003 Show: Sing-Along Guys (Outtakes), Sky Diving

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

It's very nice to relive all the great songs and intermissions between 2000-2002. This show is very basic, but I thought the Entertainment Department pulled it off pretty well...but this is definitely no Chuck E's Variety Show. The Variety Show took old songs and intermissions, but added new dialogue during the skits. The new dialogue helped keep that show refreshing during its 3 month store run...especially to those who already heard all the songs and saw all the shows in 1999. Although Jan 03 flowed well, it just wasn't up to par to Chuck E's Variety Show. But then again, Department 18 really didn't have much time to record new dialogue and create such a long and huge production as Chuck E's Variety Show.

Back to January 2003: There isn't a show logo for the show, but you can catch glimpses of previous show logos like the Rockin Rhymes logo and the Sep 01 and Apr 02 logos. I have to say the best part in the entire show are the Sing-along Guys outtakes with Jeremy and Rob. I never laughed so hard in my life. Classic!

So as a generic emergency show, I give this one paws up for the cool song and intermission choices from 2000 - 2002. But as the January 2003 Show with a 3 month in-store run, I have to give this one paws down since it was kind of boring and short.