Intermission 1
Ken Chuck E Derby (Existing Stages Only)
5 Minute Countdown

Segment 1
"Deck The Halls"
"Up On The Housetop"

Intermission 2
Larry The Technician
"The Boar's Head Carol"
5 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"Jolly Old St. Nicholas"
"Oh Christmas Tree"

Intermission 3
Eddie Coker: "Happy Holidays"
5 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Jingle Bells"
"I Heard The Bells"

Intermission 4
Ken Chuck E Derby (Existing Stages Only)
5 Minute Countdown

Segment 4
"Toyland" / "March Of The Wooden Soldiers"
"We Wish You A Merry Christmas" / "Here We Come Wassailing"

Intermission 4
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 2
Time To Fly! (Studio C Only)

Happy Holidays everyone! CEC Entertainment has once again created a fun holiday show, with great themed song choices and intermissions. What makes this holiday show interesting and different from the last holiday show (Chuck E's Holiday Party) are the introductions done by Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and the head elf, Jimmy. This kind of gives the whole show a small storyline, for everytime we meet up with Santa and his elves at the toy shop, they are getting ready for Christmas. At Segment Two they were reading kids' letters, and by Segment Four they were ready to deliver the Christmas presents. This was a very great and unique idea, which makes this show much better than Chuck E's Holiday Party.

The songs are really cool in this show...with a nice mix of fast pace and mellow songs. The song highlights include Jasper's upbeat "Up On The Housetop", Helen's beautiful renditions of "Toyland" and the poem, "I Heard The Bells", and Munch's "Oh Christmas Tree" (Where he decided it was time to 'slow things down'). Another neat feature this Holiday Show brought to the table is the Stand Alone Song. The stand-alone song is a one song segment that isn't a part of the whole storyline of the show. This show's stand-alone is Pasqually's "The Boar's Head Carol". It is a great idea because it gives a chance for every character to have a song, and it makes the show longer.

The intermissions in this show are nice, but don't top the Holiday Party's originals. While Chuck E's Holiday Party had funny spoofs like the "Durby", and holiday themed episodes of Baking With Betty and Super Jasper - this Holiday Show has very mellow 5 Minute Countdowns and the witty "Ken Chuck E Derby"... which are all reused from previous holiday shows. There is also a brand new holiday themed song from Eddie Coker, and (the highlight of the intermissions) a brand new, hilarious Larry cartoon. So the intermissions are ok, but don't live up to the previous holiday show's intermissions... especially since Studio C missed out on the "Ken Chuck E Derby" (read below for the reason why).

In all the whole show seems to flow really well. The segments are not too long and tedious, and the intermissions are pleasant. The whole storyline concept works well, and it truly helps get CEC into the holiday spirit!

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains remain closed during Helen's "Toyland" and Pasqually's "The Boar's Head Carol".

Studio C (Part 2) - For the Studio C version of "The Boar's Head Carol", the Pasqually puppet appears on the center TV screen during his song.

Studio C (Part 3) - The Studio C puppets don't have the usual colored backgrounds in this show. Instead, they are located in different areas themed to Christmas. Jasper is next to a big comfy chair and a roaring fireplace, Munch is by a Christmas tree, Helen is inside Santa's toy shop, and Pasqually is next to a frost covered window outside of the toy shop.

Studio C (Part 4) - The Studio C puppets are decked out in their holiday best! Jasper sports a Santa cap, Pasqually has a Santa cap, a red scarf, and a white vest, and Munch wears a red and blue snow-cap and a green scarf. The Helen Henny puppet still sports the green bows in her hair from the September 2002 Show.

Studio C (Part 5) - The Studio C intermission line-up is different from the Existing Stages version since there are no Ken Chuck E Derby shorts. Eddie Coker's "Happy Holidays" appears in Intermission 4, while Intermission 1 & 3 only have the 5 Minute Countdowns.

Existing Stages (Part 1) - Pasqually's stage is only open during his "The Boar's Head Carol" song, and the middle stage is only open during "Toyland".

Existing Stages (Part 2) - Only Chuck E's curtains are open during the beginning segments with Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and Jimmy. Then the other stage's curtains open for the segment songs. This does not include the Stand Alone Song ("The Boar's Head Carol") and Segment 4 (which cuts right into "Toyland").

Character Songs - Helen has two songs in this show: "I Heard The Bells" and the "Toyland / March Of The Wooden Soldiers" medley. Jasper's solo is "Up On A Housetop" and Munch sings "Oh Christmas Tree". And, of course, Pasqually's solo is the "The Boar's Head Carol".

The Boar's Head Carol - Pasqually's song doesn't really have anything to do with the show's storyline (where the characters interact with Santa and the gang). It is a nice addition to make the show longer, and to give a chance for every character to have a song. They do this again (with the Stand Alone Songs) in the April 2003 Show. Also to note, the Studio C version has the CGI dancing elves on the video monitors (along with the Pasqually puppet on the central monitor), while the Existing Stages version has the Holiday Show logo on-screen.

I Heard The Bells - "I Heard The Bells" is actually a poem set to music. What a great idea...and they pulled it off beautifully!

Jingle Bells - "Jingle Bells" combines the classic song with some new parody lyrics about Chuck E and the gang.

Countdowns - The Countdowns have been decreased to 5 minutes. They were originally 7 minutes long in the September 2002 Show. All four of these countdowns are holiday themed footage from previous holiday shows.

Larry - This marks the first appearance of Larry the Stage Manager since the Just For Kids Show . This time, Larry prepares for Christmas (I thought he was Jewish in Chuck E's Holiday Party?) by putting the finishing touches on his Christmas tree...and in true Larry fashion, things go wrong! Time for a little Larry magic!

Ken Chuck E Derby - These two intermissions are from the Holiday 1992 - 1994 shows. Right when the Studio C dvds were produced, Department 18 found out they couldn't use these intermissions b/c of Don Pardo's voice recordings as the announcer. So for the Existing Stages version, Jeremy Blaido recorded a Mike Manly voice-over for these intermissions. It was too late to add these intermissions to the Studio C version, so that is why the Existing Stages have Ken Chuck-E Derby and Studio C doesn't.

VJ Spots - There are VJ spots after each Countdown giving a special holiday greetings. Michael, Evan, and Laura (twice) are in the spots.

Department 18 Cameos - Jeremy Blaido, Robert Gotcher, and Matt Schartz make a cameo appearance as back-up singers in Eddie Coker's "Happy Holidays" song. The set for this intermission is also the one used in "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" from the final show segment.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music is re-used from Chuck E's Holiday Party. The video footage is this show's logo.

Holiday Show Logo - The show logo starts out with a kid sleighing out of control down a hill. He runs into a forest of trees, some plastic reindeer, a pile of presents, a bunch of snowmen, and finally hits a fire hydrient which sends him flying into the air and crash landing into the snow. All the things he ran into fall into the snow too, which spells out "Happy C.E.C. TV Holidays"!

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Happy Holidays is very unique holiday show with great songs and interesting story plot. My favorite songs include Jasper's "Up on the Housetop" and Helen's "Toyland", and my favorite intermission is the funny Larry cartoon (that little technician cracks me up!!!!)

What makes this show a winner is that the Existing Stages version is just as good as the Studio C version. The 3-Stage version rocks because it has some very cool curtain diversity and the extra addition of the 'Ken Chuck-E Derby". Usually I favor the Studio C version of shows, but this holiday show is definitely an acception.

In all this show is very fun and refreshing, and the only thing I thought they could have done to make this show even better is to make the intermissions more fun and energetic like the Holiday Party's intermissions. But no matter what, Happy Holidays is a great themed show filled with all the spirit and fun of the holidays!!!!