Segment 1
"Boogie Shoes"
"Everlasting Love"

Intermission 2
VeggieTales: "His Cheeseburger"

Segment 2
"Louie Louie"
"How Sweet It Is"

Intermission 2
Eddie Coker: "I Believe"

Segment 3
"Paper Or Plastic"
"Do You Love Me"

Intermission 3
Baking With Betty

Segment 4
"I Can Help"
"My Girl"

Intermission 4
VeggieTales: "My Share"
Jonah Movie Trailer
Sing-Along Guys

Chuck E Cheese T.V. is really well done show with plenty of classic songs! This time, all the skits have songs that are oldies...with songs that range between the 60's through 70's. Most of these retro songs have very good beats and are really nice to listen to. The show has its funny parts, like during "Louie Louie" when Chuck and his friends challenge a bunch of basketball players to a game, and in "Paper or Plastic" when Chuck couldn't decide which kind to get. Jasper steals the show with his sarcastic remarks to the rest of the band. Even though this show is 'retro-fitted', the intermissions keep up with the times, like the skateboarding music video and Baking With Betty poking fun at Mad Cow Disease!

Studio C (Part 1) - There is no curtain diversity for Studio C.

Studio C (Part 2) - Munch's screen color changes back to an amber color in this show. In Chuck E's Rockin' Rhymes and Summertime 2001 his screen color was specifically orange, and before that it was amber. The design is the same as the previous shows (the diagonal stripe).

Existing Stages - There is no curtain diversity for any of the Existing Stages.

Character Songs - Helen's song is "Everlasting Love", Munch sings "Do You Love Me", and Jasper sings "I Can Help". Pasqually has no song in this show.

Parodies - "Paper Or Plastic" is a parody of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer".

Baking With Betty - This hilarious episode once again has Pasqually frustrated when Betty gets off-topic during her cooking show about "all this talk of mad cows". Before you know it, a mad cow appears in Betty's kitchen and chases her all around. This, of course, references the current outbreak of Mad Cow Disease.

Sing-Along Guys - A last minute intermission addition to this show, The Sing-Along Guys are Jeremy Blaido and Robert Gotcher singing "Old MacDonald".

Eddie Coker - Eddie Coker's "I Believe" was produced by Department 18. This song has a powerful message about homeless children.

Amphicar & Skateboarding - Amphicar is a music intermission with video of Chuck E riding in an amphicar (a car that is mobile on both land and water). The other music intermission in this show has kids skateboarding at a local skate park.

Department 18 Cameos (Part 1) - As mentioned above, Jeremy Blaido and Robert Gotcher star in the sing along intermission, "Old MacDonald".

Department 18 Cameos (Part 2) - Matt Schartz (who got promoted to Production Coordinator during this show's run) is the funky guy in the orange suit in "Boogie Shoes". He also appears as a grocer in "Paper Or Plastic".

CEC TV Logo - Two new CEC TV logos appear in this show - where a chorus sings "C.E.C...TV!", sort of like a song jingle. The black & white video footage for one has a toy CEC blimp, and the other has a bunch of guys (that look like the Marx Bros.), with one having Chuck E on his shirt.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break video is the September 2001 Show logo.

September 2001 Show Logo - The show logo is a blue print that makes up Chuck E Cheese T.V., which includes pizza, pepperoni toppings, cheese, cake, presents, and Chuck E of course!

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

I really enjoyed this retro show! Everything about the show is a winner, from Jasper making fun of Pasqually's dumb jokes, Munch's pizza obsession, and Helen's crush on Chuck, to the great oldies used in this show. Helen's dream sequence in "Everlasting Love" was a really cool effect and I thought was the real highlight of the show. That, and the Beatles' parody, "Paper Or Plastic", were the best songs. The intermissions were favorites are the Baking With Betty episode, and Jeremy and Rob's rendition of "Old MacDonald". In all, the September 2001 Show is a great show to see and enjoy with the whole family!