Segment 1
"Chuck E's Dance Party"
"Dancing On The Ceiling"

Intermission 1
VeggieTales: "I Love My Lips"
Super Jasper

Segment 2
"Chuck E Town"
"Dancin' And Singin'"

Intermission 2
Eddie Coker: "Happy One"
Singing Cowboy

Segment 3
"Pizza Serenade"
"Hip Mouse"

Intermission 3
VeggieTales: "The Hairbrush Song"
Memories Are Forever

Segment 4
"Let's Dance"
"Dancin' On The Moon"

Intermission 4
Eddie Coker: "Interaction"
Super Jasper

The Dance Party is another very well done themed show - highlighting dancing and having fun! All the songs and parodies go well with the theme of this show, and most of the songs are very fun to dance to!!! The intermissions are very nice, including the introduction of VeggieTales and Eddie Coker to CEC showrooms. All the in-house intermissions are short and funny - especially the FCC Rating Codes and the first two episodes of the long running Super Jasper series. The only problem many cast members had with this show was its long run in stores (read below for the reason why).

The two best parts and highlights of the skits are Pasqually's Polka Party in Skit Two (where nobody wants to listen to his awful polka), and the 2000 Countdown in Skit Four... which includes a hilarious trick played on Munch about the Y2K bug!

Studio C (Part 1) - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Dancin' And Singin' & "Chuck E Town".

Studio C (Part 2) - Chuck E sings "Hip Mouse" in the Studio C version of this show, while Munch sings it in the Existing Stages version.

Studio C (Part 3) - This was the last show to use costume characters for Chuck E's friends. The following show, the Fabulous World Adventure, is the first to use puppets.

Existing Stages - Chuck E's curtains close during Helen's "Chuck E Town".

Character Songs - Helen sings "Dancin' And Singin'" & Chuck E Town", Munch sings "Pizza Serenade" & "Hip Mouse" (Existing Stages version), and Jasper sings "Chuck E's Dance Party" and "Dancin' On The Moon". Pasqually has no songs in this show, although he did have a Polka Party in Segment 2!

Parodies and Originals - All the songs in this show are originals or parodies. The only real song is "Dancing On The Ceiling". "Hip Mouse" parodies "Brick House" and "Chuck E Town" parodies "Funky Town". The rest are CEC originals.

Dancin' On The Moon - "Dancin' On The Moon" is a classic CEC song that has been remade with the current voice actors for this show (the original is from the 1992 Space Show). What is interesting is that some of the footage of Chuck E Cheese was edited from the old "Dancin' On The Moon" so you won't see him. The reason why is because they used the very old retro rat costume from the Pizza Time Theatre days in the video... and since he looks nothing like that anymore they edited him out of it.

Voice Actor Changes - Dance Party is the first show with Earl Fisher providing the voice for Pasqually, and Jon Bowen as Munch. Jon also plays the Announcer in this show among many other shows after this one.

Eddie & Veggies - This is the first show to feature VeggieTales and Eddie Coker intermissions.

Super Jasper - This show features a brand new, long-running in-house intermission series called "Super Jasper", featuring Mike Manly (voiced by Jeremy Blaido). In the first two installments, the canine wonder, Super Jasper, makes a long jump at Cadillac Ranch - and has a staring contest with himself.

Ratings - This short intermission has the official Chuck E Cheese's rating codes, including Cheesy, Very Cheesy, etc!

Singing Cowboy - The Singing Cowboy sings "Home On The Range" as the stage crew sets up the background and props around him. Welcome to Hollywood!

Memories Are Forever - Another short intermission piece, this one parodies Diamonds Are Forever commercials that were popular at the time. This one features the silhouette of Chuck E as he delivers a birthday cake to some kids.

Laserdisc To DVD - This show had a long run in stores (April through July). The reason is because the Studio C stores were switching from Laserdisc to DVDs.

Department 18 Cameos - Jeremy Blaido plays the part of the Singing Cowboy. On the clapboard at the beginning of this intermission, you can see Robert Gotcher's name as the director.

Dance Party Logo - The show logo has "Dance Party" text in front of footage of a disco ball and dancing silhouettes.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This is definitely a fun show, not only because of the parodies ("Chuck E Town" is great...the video with Jasper is very funny) but also because of the many fun intermissions in this party. The Dance Party has a lot of history, too, such as the last show to use the Studio C costumes, Laserdiscs, and also how the Existing Stages version differs greatly from the Studio C version. It is not one of the best shows I have seen during this time period, but it is still hip, groovy, and fun!!!!