Intermission 1
"Twinkle, Twinkle"

Segment 1
"The Mailman"
"I've Been Working On The Railroad"

Intermission 2
"Midnight Special"
Helen Henny's Hollywood
Geography Rap

Segment 2
"Skip To My Lou" / "Little Liza Jane" / "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain" / "Oh Them Golden Slippers" / "Jimmy Crack Corn And I Don't Care"
"My Daddy's Daddy"

Intermission 3
"What Do You Want To Bee"
"Vamos A Bailar"

Segment 3
"Old MacDonald"
"Save Us From Extinction"

Intermission 4
"Rock It Up"

Segment 4
"Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

Intermission 5
"Goin' Sight Seein'"
"Don't Ever Give Up"

Segment 5
"The Future Looks Fun To Me"

Intermission 6
"Dancin' On The Moon"
"Country Dancin'"

Segment 6
"You're A Winner"
"Chuck E's Place"

Intermission 7
"Home On The Range"

The Best Of CEC TV is the first generic showtape in CEC history. All the songs are CEC originals, parodies, or public domain songs combined into one excellent showtape. The reason why Best Of CEC TV was made was to give stores an emergency back-up showtape - just in case the current showtape playing breaks or doesn't work. This is a great idea - especially since most previous material cannot be reused due to licensing issues. This show is super long and contains some very memorable that is why it is considered the Best Of!

Intermissions - Intermissions used to be very long compared to today's intermissions. These 7-8 minute intermissions gave the animatronics time to rest. For this 'Best Of' show, this gave them the chance to cram in more songs without having to use the animatronics. In all, there are about 23 songs in the whole show, and only 11 are sung with the curtains open.

Countdowns - CEC became famous for their countdown intermissions (a.k.a. One minute 'til showtime!). Here are the ones from this show: 6 minutes: Six Step Shuffle (Helen Henny, Laurel and Hardy), 4 minutes: Munch and the Mirror, 3 minutes: Chuck E in the Ocean, 2 minutes: Jasper and the Clock, and the one minute: Munch climbing up that huge building shaped like a 'One' and it crashes down when he gets on top.

Dept 18 Cameos - Robert Gotcher (current Director Of Entertainment) is notably "The Mailman".

Song Remakes - Four notable songs in this show have had modern remakes: "Future Looks Fun To Me" (Terrific Time Travel Review), "Dancin' On The Moon" (Dance Party), "Chuck E's Place" (January 2004 Show), "The Mailman" (January 2005 Show).

Birthday Break - During the intermissions you could program the Cyberstar unit to play the Birthday show during the 5 minute mark of the break. The only intermission where this couldn't be done is the "Home On The Range" one as it is too short and is at the end of the tape. While there was tape left over after the show was completely over, there was not enough to have the shows repeat before the tape needed rewinding. Also to note on this show, somebody goofed up and labeled "Country Dancin'" as "Home on the Range" in the title that plays at the beginning and end of the song.

-5 out of 5 Tokens-

Well, I must say it is hard to review an old show like this when all you know and like is modern CEC shows... and understanding the layout of the show (what were the intermissions or skits... thank goodness for the 'wink' music!) was tough at first, but then it all came together. This was a great show for its time, and it was very interesting and different for someone like me who is only familiar with the current CEC shows. I must say it was weird hearing Chuck E's rat voice! But nonetheless, this is the CEC fan favorite, so it gets Two Paws Up as one of the best shows in CEC history!