Segment 1
"Go Go Chuck E"
"Game Plan"
"Secret Handshake"

Intermission 1
The Pagemaster Movie Trailer
Did You Know?
"Party Place"

Segment 2
"Go Go Chuck E"
"Peter Pepperoni" Toungue Twisters
"Video Game Olympics"

Intermission 2
Rookie Of The Year Movie Trailer
Doug: "Killer Tofu"
The Flintstones Movie Trailer

Segment 3
"Go Go Chuck E"
"Meet The Band"
"Friends Out There"
"School Of Pizza"
"Eating Etiquette"

Intermission 3
The Sandlot Movie Trailer
Disney's Aladdin Trailer
America's Funniest Home Videos

Segment 4
"Go Go Chuck E"
"Chuck E's Old Act"
"Kitchen Chef"

Intermission 4
The Jungle Book Movie Trailer
The Flintstones: "Bedrock Twist"

Segment 5
"The Chuck E Cheese Workout"

Intermission 5
Goof Troop: "Gotta Be Gettin' Goofy"
America's Funniest Home Videos

The year is fresh and 1995 marks a unique turn for CEC shows – being produced by Disney at the MGM Studios. Not only are new voices used for the characters [with the exception of Duncan Brannan], however the format of shows we were used to completely changed without warning. Unlike the traditional show of this time being a few songs, intermissions, and repeat, this show opens each skit with the song “Go Chuck E. Go,” albeit with different lyrics each skit, speaking and bantering, and then a few Disney trailers. It’s funny I say skit, as each one feels like a lame comedy act. The cast has a few musical moments, but the majority of this show is just speaking and trying hard to pan a joke from the conversations. If I were forced to choose a favorite skit, it’d be Skit number 1, only because the show opens with a nice rendition of “Go Chuck E. Go,” and the cast introduced themselves, which I liked. The “Sports Commentary” with kids racing in a Coca-Cola drinking competition was also pretty clever, to be honest. Other than that, we also get a new character for the show, Mr. Mouth. Mr. Mouth is a big reason I like to talk down on this tape. He completely steals thunder from ALL the characters, even Chuck E. I can’t imagine seeing this show in person, only to see the animatronics staring in space as Mr. Mouth talks the whole show on the monitors. How boring! Not only does he steal attention, but also after 8 minutes he gets quite annoying. I will however give kudos for having Chuck interact with him occasionally; robots communicating with the TV is actually a pretty neat idea, as proven with Studio C.

Dept. 18 Cameos - One of the actors during “Did You Know?” is former Director of Entertainment and voice of Jasper T. Jowls, Jeremy Blaido.

Pasqually Facts - We learn in this show that Pasqually has a brother who is also a pizza chef, and Pasqually’s full name is “Pasqually P. Pieplate.”

Go Chuck E. Go - “Go Chuck E. Go” was used as a Live show at the same time this tape debuted (January – March 1995), as well as used in the last King showtape, “King ’95.”

New Character - This was one of the first, if not the first appearance of Mr. Mouth as the show’s announcer. Although Mr. Mouth was still seen introducing Birthday shows and Live shows, he was only used in this showtape and the April 1995 show

New Birthday Star - Birthday Star 92 is no longer present, as a new tape is now being sent with the updated Birthday Star 95. Mr. Mouth was used to introduce the new birthday, however he was cut out when Birthday Star 95 was reissued in 1999.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

The first time I sat down and watched January 1995, I was very disappointed. Aside from CEC I enjoy a little Disney, so expecting a great show comes naturally, however they sucked out everything that made the 1991-1993 shows so memorable and classic. I admit having Chuck talk to an on-screen character is cool and “tech-savvy” for that time, but having it last the entire show with the rest of the MMBB having little-to-no speaking or singing roles was just appalling. I was also disappointed all of the intermissions were jam packed with movie trailers versus CEC-based material. CEC TV News was always a favorite, and seeing it gone is a little sad. The major thing that saves this show from being completely bad is the show footage, which is more exciting nowadays then when it fist came out. I enjoy seeing the images I remember seeing when I frequented CEC at this time, such as the old CEC’s Pizza logo on the paper cups, the 2-stage MMBB with a higher PSI than today, older games and the checkerboard patterns. Although this show had a very unpleasant first impression with me, after a few more times viewing it, it becomes more…tolerable. Not my favorite show, but not at all my least favorite. Add more singing and use less of Mr. Mouth, and we’d have a much better show.