Segment 1
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
"Foods In The Future"
"Hey Give Me My Lunch "

Intermission 1
Sports Bloopers
Rescue Rangers
America's Funniest Home Videos

Segment 2
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
"Games Of The Future"
"I Won't Give Up"

Intermission 2
Little Miss Muffet Video Rap
America's Funniest Home Videos

Segment 3
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
"Kids On Video Velociter"

Intermission 3
America's Funniest Home Videos
Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers
America's Funniest Home Videos

Segment 4
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
"Toys Of The Future"

Intermission 4
Cartoon Rap
Mr. Bumpy
America's Funniest Home Videos

Segment 5
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"
"When Kids Grow Up"

Intermission 5
Peter Piper Video Rap
America's Funniest Home Videos

CEC starts to get a little bit technical with their showtapes, but I guess instead of trying on their own, they have the Disney MGM Studios do it for them. The show starts off with Mr. Mouth, giving to countdown to the first show, with the characters singing a verse of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" (which the characters do that in each segment, except with different lyrics in each time).

Anyway, in the first skit, Munch wonders what's with the TV being all flashy, Chuck E. tells him it is a new invention, the future of entertainment, the Video Velocitor, giving an image of whatever you dream about. He says it was built by Pasqually, Munch comments it won't work, but Helen suggests he should try it, Munch tries, and everyone guess what he thinks about, a Pizza, he tries it again...TWO pizzas. Munch is than convinced it works after all. Chuck than has Pasqually show what his restaurant will look like in the future. Everything goes great, until the machine goes out, and Pasqually and Mouth have to go fix it up backstage, leading into the first intermission.

The second segment starts with Mouth testing to see if the thing works, it does, and the second show starts. The band goes back to another image of the Future CEC, and see what games will be like. One of the games is called "Alien Attack", leading two kids, transforming into Power Ranger looking outfits, inside to the video game fighting off aliens, who happen to be different foods. Though the game gets more challenging, Robo-Chuck E. comes to the rescue and stops the aliens, ending the game.

The first two segments in this show were the highlights of this show, the last three segments were okay, but it was interrupted by Chuck hearing what kids want to see, build, or be when they grow up. The third segment talks about kids using the video velocitor, and how it could help them, concluding kids rebuilding a playground. The fourth is about what kid's favorite toys are, and what types of toys they want to see in the future, and the last segment is about what kids want to be when they grow up, including showing kids how they would turn out when they grow up, even one kid comments he wants to be Chuck E. Cheese, and the video shows the kid, in ears and a derby, and red vest, singing with the band on stage.

Some intermissions in this show were dull, some were actually really cool, including one called "Imaginaria" with a train traveling on a railroad track, not being able to go over the broken track, he slowly rolls back, and a daydream shows how the engine ended up being lately, and back to reality, the train zooms right onto the track, and than rolls right on time. Also, how much America's Funniest Home videos, and Disney Afternoon Promos can you take?

Recycled Songs / Lines - The song "I Won't Give Up" was reused in Jukebox Jam (Jan 97), but here in the April 1995 Show, the whole song is not in it - only song lines of the song are in this show. There must have been an original version of this song, and it was reused for Jukebox Jam, edited with clips from different shows. Some of Chuck E's lines seemed to be reused for the next show as well (August 1995 Show). In Segment 5, when one of the kids says he wants to grow up to be Chuck E. Cheese, they show him dressed like Chuck, singing along to "Go Chuck E. Go" (January 1995 Show). While Mr. Mouth tests the Video Velocitor at the beginning of Segment 2, he tests it by saying "Now say, Chuck E. chose the Cheddar and he chewed the cheese he chose, great, I love the classics". Came straight from the Peter Pepperoni Tongue Twisters (January 1995).

Mr. Mouth Cameo - This Is Mr. Mouth's last show.

Table Label - This show is labeled March 1995, even though it actually came out in April, for some reason they labeled some masters as the month they were made. August 1996 had the same thing as well (it was labeled July 1996).

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

I know the 1995 productions of the CEC shows at the Disney Studios were lame to some people, but this is one of the shows that I actually liked. This show's video footage is really cool, as well as the whole feel of the show. I guess by two showtapes, I have had enough of Mr. Mouth. Don't Stop is also a real cool song, a parody of Fleet Mac's song with the same name. Paws Up for April 1995.