Segment 1
"Are You Ready For This"

Intermission 1
Planet Song
Chuck E Cheese Club

Segment 2
"Silicon Valley Showdown"

Intermission 2
Chuck E Cheese Club

Segment 3
"Turn The Beat Around"

Intermission 3
Liquid Images
Chuck E Cheese Club

Segment 4
"It's A Jungle Out There"

Intermission 4
Chuck E Cheese Club

Segment 5
"Walk Like An Egyptian"

Intermission 5
Chuck E Cheese Club
CEC Promo

Well folks, after a year-and-a-half of weird showtapes (1995 mid-1996), we finally get what we like to call, a new "normal CEC show". This show was ok, but it was way too short. The main intermissions in this show were the Chuck E. Cheese Club intermissions, which were Kids intros. They would talk about how cool Chuck E's Awesome Adventure Machine is, and wonder what adventures Chuck and his friends would go on next.

Chuck E. Cheese presents his new invention called "The Awesome Adventure Machine", which could do just about anything. Chuck gives an example in the first skit, where he shows that Pasqually had run out of cheese to make pizza. So Chuck E and the band use the Awesome Adventure Machine to travel into outer space, and they get the mozzarella cheese. There were some other cool songs in this show, such as the original memorable CEC song "Silicon Valley Showdown", and some cool classic songs like "Turn The Beat Around" and "Walk Like An Egyptian". The real drawback to this show was the very short intermissions! One was a song about the order of planets, and the other was the "Liquid Images" video, which just showed underwater sea creatures. I'm sure it made things very hard for Cast Members to program the Birthday show because of the short intermissions. Another problem in this show was that the dialogue wasn't scripted that well, and really didn't get to the point of the songs. The first Awesome Adventure Machine show turned out to be a little average in my opinion.

Awesome Tune Tracks - "Silicon Valley Showdown, "Turn The Beat Around", "It's A Jungle Out There", and "Walk Like An Egyptian" all appear on the tape cassette "Chuck E.'s Awesome Tune Tracks", as well as on the Official Chuck E. Cheese website's Jukebox (no longer online).

Silicon Valley Showdown - "Silicon Valley Showdown" appears as a webtoon on the offical Chuck E. Cheese Website, as well in a Limited comic based on the song. Also in "Silicon Valley Showdown", there was a part that shows various signs, and one of the signs said Pizza Time Theatre!!!

Wick Letterback Sighting - In The Chuck E. Cheese Club, you can see the Wick Letterback puppet hanging on the wall. Wick will eventually be use in the future for intermissions, and is performed by Jeremy Blaido!

Recycled Songs - "Turn The Beat Around" was reused on the January 1998 Show, "Blast From The Past".

Experimental Showtape - This was the first show to use the Awesome Adventure Machine. This show was also the first to use the walkaround characters with the moving robotic eyes and mouths.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

This show was ok, it could have been better though with the dialogue and the intermissions. But the songs in this show are what made this showtape fun to watch. The walkarounds in the show with the robotic heads were very cool, and would be better in the future direct-to-video movie, "Chuck E. Cheese In The Galaxy 5000". It was also the first show to test out the Awesome Adventure Machine stage, which had too much problems itself.

This show also got a little weird towards the end, and I guess that's another reason it just seemed so average.