Segment 1
"Route 66"

Intermission 1
Name That Cheese
Coke Spot 1
The Ballgame

Segment 2
"Wooly Bully"

Intermission 2
Will Frye The Nutriton Guy
Larry The Technician

Segment 3
"Turn The Beat Around"

Intermission 3
Director's Cut

Segment 4
"Mountain Music"

Intermission 4
CEC Promo
Coke Spot 2
The Virtuoso

Segment 5
"Hound Dog"

Intermission 5
Chuck E's Big Bowling Date
Spring Cleaning
Munch And The Picnic Basket
Charlie Rockit

Segment 6
"I Feel Good"

Intermission 6
Fun At CEC

After the weird 1995 and 1996 shows, January 1997's Jukebox Jam saves the day with great highlights of The 20th Anniversery for CEC. Then comes the ACTUAL 20th Anniversery Show... which was a real let down to fans. And then comes another Awesome Adventure Machine show with great songs. But now we get a new show with awful songs from the past, but great new intermissions. If they chose better songs than the generic ones we have here, it could be a better showtape. What made it worse is after this show came the "great nose dive of shows" starting with May 1998. This was when Studio C was in development, and the AAM stage was cancelled out.

Will Frye the Nutrition Guy - Jeremy Blaido is the great Will Frye - the episode reappears in May 98, makes a cameo in Sep 98, comes back for the Variety Show (Jan 00), and the January 2002 Show. You can also see Will in "Are You Eating Mr. Munch" (April 00), and "Dinner" (Jan 02).

Cover Songs - None of the songs execpt "Bingo" are Generic.

Brand New Intermissions - The CEC News (Weather and Golf Report), Will Fry, CEC Announcer, Coca Cola Commericials, Director's Cut, Larry, CEC Promo, Name That Cheese, and Pondwatch are new intermissions - some will be reused in future shows.

Recycled Songs - Here are where each song and intermission came from (I believe):
Jan 1993 Show: Mountain Music, Bingo
May 1993 Show: Wooly Bully, I Feel Good
Jan 1994 Show: Route 66
April 1994 Show: Spring Cleaning, The Ballgame, Munch and the Picnic Basket
July 1994 Show: Charlie Rockit
Sept 1994 Show: Chuck E.'s Bowling Date, The Virtuso, Hound Dog, Fun at CEC
Aug 1996 Show: Turn The Beat Around
April 1997 Show: Skytubes, Two CEC News

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

I felt this show was a waste of time making. Sorry to be harsh... the song choices were cool, but they weren't generic songs. I felt that it really wasn't worth making a show like this with only six skits, since there were many great songs of the early 90's. Jukebox Jam was a way better historic CEC show! I guess that this show was made for the remainder of Chuck E.'s 20th Anniversary... because the rest of the 1998 showtapes were completely different (not to mention very badly done).