May 1998 Show Schedule
Swinging Blue Jeans: "Hippy Hippy Shake"
Steve Martin: "King Tut"
Louie Armstrong: "What A Wonderful World"
Pond Watch
Coke Spot 1
Larry The Technician
NFL's 100 Greatest Follies
Tim McGraw: "I Like It, I Love It"
Go-Go's: "Our Lips Are Sealed"
Hanson: "MmmBop"
Will Frye The Nutrition Guy
Leann Rimes: "How Do I Live"
NFL's 100 Greatest Follies
Director's Cut
Amy Grant: "Good For Me"
CEC Promo
Coke Spot 2
Seal: "Fly Like An Eagle"
Bugs Bunny: "Ali Baba Bunny"
Jackson Five: "ABC"

The Awesome Adventure Machine showtapes took Chuck E and his friends on amazing adventures around the world... featuring fun songs and parodies and a brand new stage concept. Unfortunately, this effects loaded, huge stage was deemed to expensive and problematic so CEC downsized to the Studio C stage Featuring an advanced laserdisc system and a movie studio atmosephere - Studio C became famous for its advanced animatronic, but also infamous for its cheap appeal... especially since Chuck E's four friends are obviously missing in robot form. And because of management changes in Department 18 Productions - plus the fact that CEC wanted to phase out Chuck E's four friends, the first few shows in 1998 for the Studio C stage became notorious to fans as the worst shows ever produced.

The May 1998 Show, the first official Studio C show, showcases some of the best music produced by famous artists the last few decades. There's even a Bugs Bunny cartoon, sports bloopers, and some funny CEC in-house intermissions. Sounds like a great show, huh? Wrong! Instead of Chuck E and the band performing songs, you get the actual music videos. And during the music videos and sports bloopers - Chuck E and his friends would talk and talk... making witty comments, giggling, etc. Although the music videos were great choices, Chuck E and the gang got truly annoying interupting the songs and the constant talking. And then afterwards, the curtains would close without notice. In all, May 98 was very, very boring. Throw in the facts that the in-house material was reused from the previous show, CEC trying to get rid of Jasper and co. - plus Jeremy Blaido doing Chuck E's voice sounded very weird... and you got one of the worst shows in CEC history.

New Chuck E Voice - Jeremy Blaido did the voice for Chuck E Cheese for this show. Trying to get away from the rat image, Jeremy gave Chuck E Cheese a more softer, friendly voice. To some the voice seems a little bit odd - but luckily it helped carve the path to what they wanted the new kid friendly Chuck E Cheese to sound like. After these few 1998 shows, Jeremy goes on to voice Jasper in 1999 while Duncan Brennan takes over as Chuck E's vocals. Jeremy also plays Will Frye The Nutrition Guy.

Cover Songs - None of the songs execpt "Bingo" are Generic.

Intro Parody - The intro to Segment 1 is a parody of Saturday Night Live.

New Show Style - As mentioned, none of the CEC characters sing in this show. There are only music videos, in which Chuck E and the band make "witty" comments throughout.

Show Schedule - You can tell by the show name that this is the first Studio C show. The show schedule above is taken from the Existing Stage version. Since Studio C stages were rare back when May 1998 first debuted, it is unsure that the Studio C version differed any from the Existing Stage version. Anybody have the laserdisc of this show?

Recycled Intermissions - Most of the in-house intermissions have been re-used from the January 1998 Show.

Reissued LIVE Show - Just like January 1998, the May 1998 Show had a reissued live show...this time, Chuck E March.

-0.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I really don't like the concept of these shows without Chuck E and the band performing the songs... I'm very glad these shows failed (I know, kind of rough, but this show was pretty boring). Luckily Jeremy Blaido took over as Director later on in 1998 and put an end to these awful music video shows. He brought back the elements that made CEC shows popular (including the other characters), and the rest is history. But it is good that they did these shows back in 1998... as I mentioned they paved the way for the great shows in 1999 and beyond, plus it's always smart to try new concepts. Luckily for us fans though this one failed!