-4 out of 5 Tokens-

When the band...comes marching in! Chuck E March is another classic, very popular live show. The live has two parts: The first half is more for dancing, and the second half is for marching around the showroom (or restaurant) with guests. Like most lives around this time, Chuck E March is a really long live, but it is very entertaining and interactive.

Chuck E March was reissued in May 1998, and retired in March 2001 for a remake with new footage and the current voice actors. Chuck E March 2001 is almost exactly the same as the original, except the line 'It's a Pizza Time Happy Day!' was replaced with 'It's a Chuck E Cheese Happy Day!'. Things have definitely changed over the 8 year period.

Classic live show...very fun and interactive for children...plenty of marching...what more is there to a really good live show? Oh, and the Space Odyssey beginning of the live really rocks! What a great intro for the CEC costume character's entrance! Two paws up!