-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

An excellent remake of the original Chuck E March! This is dead on to the original, except for a rewrite in some verses, plus it has the current voice actors. This is the most popular CEC live show...and it is definitely worthy of its title. It is a long, energetic live...and it is a lot of fun to perform to!

If you work at, or visit, an Existing Stage store and you want to know what the Studio C puppets look like, then you get your chance because they appear for a few seconds in this live. The puppet footage is from Chuck E's Rockin' Rhymes. Instead of the verse, "It's A Pizza Time Happy Day!" this new version says "It's a Chuck E. Cheese Happy Day!". I think CEC is trying to forget their old days and concentrate on the new "CEC" with these different style lives and Studio C.

This is almost exactly like the original except for a few tweaks and the new voice recordings. At first I didn't like this new version, but now that I have seen and listened to it quite a few times I have grown attached to it. It is the best generic lives for CEC!