Segment 1
"Walk The Dinosaur"

Intermission 1
Pink Panther: "Pink Flea"

Segment 2
"Sharp Dressed Mouse"

Intermission 2
Virtual Video

Segment 3
"Secret Agent Man"

Intermission 3
Pink Panther: "In The Pink"

Segment 4
"I Like It Like That"

Intermission 4

Segment 5
"Deep Freeze"

Intermission 5
Pink Panther: "Pink Sphinx"

Well folks, after the lame 20th Anniversery Show had come, we now got a new cool show for August 1997. The songs are great; there are some great storyline plots with this show too, including the second skit with "Sharp Dressed Mouse" where Chuck deactivates his Awesome Adventure Machine to change him into different styles after the band tells him he seems to "always wear the same thing." But things get a little out of hand when Chuck's pals start playing with the machine. Skit Four would have to be my personal favorite, the plot of the song "I Like It Like That" was where Munch and Jasper have a contest on who can survive the "Hottest Pizza", and it all comes to pizzas with dynamite inside, now that is hot stuff! And who could also forget the trip to the North Pole in Skit Five where Munch could visit his cousin Gabi... boy Munch really missed her. The intermissions in this show were ok, but not that good, the CEC News segments were good, and I thought the Pink Panther cartoons were cool intermission choices, but three was a little too much... and the other two intermissions were slow and boring.

AAM Finale - This was the last showtape that was made for The Awesome Adventure Machine Stage and included the AAM concept as a show theme.

Recycled Footage - The music from the Virtual Video intermssion was reused in some of the September 2003 Show countdowns.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I think that the last Awesome Adventure Machine show turned out to be a very "awesome" one, unlike the other two ones - September 1996 and 20th Anniversary. This show also had great songs such as "Walk The Dinosaur", "Secret Agent Man", and my personal favorite, "I Like It Like That"... even "Sharp Dressed Mouse" was a great parody, and I think this show is a very good example of Chuck E.'s Awesome Adventure Machine! If the show had better intermissions, maybe this show would have gotten two paws instead of one.