Segment 1
"Whoomp There It Is"

Intermission 1
Virtual Video
Anchors Away: "The Worry Song"

Segment 2
"Don't Hurry To Worry"

Intermission 2
Website Promo
Coke Spot

Segment 3
"Car Wash"

Intermission 3
Virtual Skytubes
All Dogs Go To Heaven: "Let's Make Music Together"

Segment 4
"Oh Yeah!"

Intermission 4
"Pink Panther Theme"

Segment 5
"20th Anniversary Song"

Intermission 5
CEC Promo
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Virtual Video

After we get an awesome show like Jukebox Jam - April 1997 gives us a weird, lame, and cheap show based on Chuck E.'s 20th Anniversary. Don't get me wrong, the show wasn't that bad, but calling this show an anniversary show is just weird - combined with songs that don't even really have to do with Chuck's 20th Anniversary... its more of an Awesome Adventure Machine kind of show. The song plots are pretty lame too, including the first skit where Pasqually is trying to do an opera solo, but a fly is buzzing around so they called the Swat Team and sing "Whoomp There It Is". Other skits have lame plots as well, such as Skit Four having Pasqually and Jasper in a submarine going under the sea to find the newest CEC location in Atlantis. The intermissions (execpt for CEC News skits) were also lame and pointless.

AAM Sequel - This is considered the second "Awesome Adventure Machine" show using The Awesome Adventure Machine Stage.

Song Remake - "Don't Hurry To Worry" was remade with the modern voice actors in the Summertime 01/02 Show.

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

Not only the skit's plots were lame, but this show was suppose to be for the 20TH ANNIVERSARY... but we get Awesome Adventure Machine plots instead. At least the final skit was a great song. Sorry to be rough on this show, but it wasn't good at all, except for some good songs. But the intermissions and plots were most definitely lame. Worst showtape of 1997, for me its a Paws Down.