Show Schedule
Chuck E Cheese - International Mouse Of Mystery
Elvis Presley: "Jailhouse Rock"
Bill Haley & The Comets: "Rock Around The Clock"
I Like This Game
Coke Spot 1
Mary Chapin Carpenter: "Down At The Twist & Shout"
Muppets: "Hey A Movie!"
Donald O'Connor: "Make 'Em Laugh"
NFL Goes Motown: "Do You Love Me"
Road Runner: "Lickety Splat"
Buckle Up! Promo
Wear Your Helmet! Promo
Jump 'N The Saddle: "Curly Shuffle"
"Camptown Races" / "Oh Susanna" / "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain"
Big Todd And The Monsters: "Resignation Superman"
Nat King Cole: "Unforgettable"
Larry The Technician
Paula Abdul: "Opposites Attract"
Will Frye The Nutrition Guy
Backstreet Boys: "As Long As You Love Me"
NFL Rocks: "Toy Of The World - Max Version"
Coke Spot 2
Got Milk Bones?
Bobby Darin: "Mack The Knife"

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Studio C - This show is believed to have featured Bird in a major speaking role. The Studio C version of this show ran through December 1998. The Holiday Show was for Existing Stages only.

Songs & Videos - The medley of "Camptown Ladies", "Oh Susanna", and "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain" are the only songs in this show by Chuck E Cheese and his band. "She'll Be Coming..." also has original CEC song lyrics about pizza. The rest of the show are music videos introduced by Chuck E, just like in the May 1998 Show.

Austin Powers Parody - The beginning Austin Powers parody, featuring the same jazz-fusion music as in the movie, has opening credits featuring all the characters in the show. Not only the other band members and Larry - but also Charlie Rockit. The funny thing is Charlie doesn't even appear in this show!

I Like This Game & Got Milk Bones? - These two short intermissions parody popular commercials at the time. I Like This Game (featuring Chuck E playing basketball) parodies Nike, and Got Milk Bones? (featuring Chuck E trying to sneak some doggie treats) parodies Got Milk?, of course.

Larry The Technician - This segment has a quick intro by Chuck E showing a behind the scenes look at the production of the clowns video from "Make 'Em Laugh". Then Chuck E introduces Larry, who gets sidetracked by a spot on the monitor.

Will Frye The Nutrition Guy - This quick little skit has Will Frye (played by Jeremy Blaido) making a quick call to Chuck E.

Studio C Bumper - This CGI bumper from the May 1998 Show appears right after "Rock Around The Clock".

September 1998 Show Logo - The show logo for this show is simply the offical Chuck E Cheese's restaurant logo.

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