Segment 1
"Route 66"
"I Heard It Through The Grapevine"

Intermission 1
Michael Jordan: "Come Fly With Me"
Charlie Rockit

Segment 2
"Achy Breaky Heart"
"Proud Mary"

Intermission 2
huck E's Zoo View
Charlie Rockit
CEC Sports
Smoke Free Promo

Segment 3
"Freeze Frame"
"Dog Jammin'"

Intermission 3
Charlie Rockit
Snow Daze: "A Season Of Shredding"
CEC Special Report

Segment 4
"When You're Here"

Intermission 4
Trivia Intro
Hockey's Greatest Hits

This is where the shows start to get better, along with songs that don't sound annoying or kiddie-like. This show had some cool song choices, my personal favorites would have to be "Dog Jammin'", and "When You're Here". Some footage in this show is cool too, and it kept getting better and better. The intermissions in this show were pretty cool, but not the best, and they kind of dragged on during the show, like the Trivia and Sport Video intermissions. We also start getting a series of Charlie Rockit intermissions, in this show, he works in his garage inventing things like Charlie Chorebot, and the Cooler Downer. Also, there were two CEC TV News mock intermissions, one was CEC Sports where Chuck look at the sports coverage, and the other was CEC Special Report, which was nothing special, Helen just told Chuck E. what the new openings for CEC were, and that's it. It was taken at CEC Headquarters, when it was still Showbiz Pizza Time Inc.

Recycled Songs - "Freeze Frame" was reused for Chuck E.'s Jukebox Jam Show (Jan 97) with different video footage. In this show, the video footage for Freeze Frame was clips of race cars, and a little guy in this big coat and hood covering his face taking snapshots of the cars. In Jan 97, the footage was the characters at a fair. "Route 66" was reused for the January 1998 Blast From The Past Show, and "Dog Jammin'" was remade with the modern voice actors in Summertime 2003

New Voices - This is Duncan Brennan's first show as Chuck E. Cheese and Munch. Duncan's last show as Munch was the January 1999 Show, Terrific Time Travel Review.

Dept 18 Cameos - In the Charlie Rockit Fan Mail episode, Robert Gotcher makes a cameo as the Mailman, and when he comes into Charlie's garage, Charlie sings the beginning of the Mailman Song from the Working For A Living Show (1992). Jeremy Blaido makes a bunch of cameos in this show, such as intros, a trivia segment, and the Smoke Free Promo. Chuck even says thanks to Jeremy at the start of the fourth segment, after Jeremy introduced Chuck and the band.

Other Cameos - The Fabulous Bullhorns make an appearance in "Proud Mary".

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

The show was memorable for several reasons, one is that the songs were getting better than ever, and another is that the shows got longer, and now there started to be four segments instead of three, and it was also Duncun's first show as Chuck E. and Munch. I guess my only complaint about the show was that the intermissions were a little long, and its good that they stopped that, similar to the showtape You're A Star (Sep 93). But nonetheless, I enjoyed the intermissions, and the segments were fun to watch. That's why this show gets paws way up!