Segment 1
"Summertime Groove"

Intermission 1
"Boat Of Love / We Sail The Ocean Blue"
3 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"In My Pool"
"Beach Song"

Intermission 2
Baking With Betty
Kool Aid Promo
3 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Baseball Diamond Dreams"
"Dog Jammin'"

Intermission 3
Super Jasper
3 Minute Countdown

Segment 4
"Bar B Q"

Intermission 4
Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 3

Summertime is a themed show about the things to do in the summer (of course). This includes fishing with Jasper, swimming in the pool and going to the beach, playing baseball, having fun with dogs, celebrating America (keep in mind in USA stores only), and having a picnic and barbeque. Oh, and did I mention another thing to do in the summer is to listen to bad jokes by Pasqually?

This show breaks away from the trend the Holiday 2002 Show and April 2003 Show had with their themes...there is no guest star for Chuck E and the gang to interact with...which is just fine with me because I like it when they jump right into the songs.

Speaking of the songs, all of the ones in this show are originals and parodies. And I must say that all of the songs in this show are excellent...there is a variety of different song styles in this show, and most of them have a very catchy beat. Congratulations go out to Jeremy and Rob for writing some excellent song!!!! It was also great to see classic CEC songs remade with the current voice actors. The old LIVE Show, America, was also a nice patriotic stand alone song addition to this packed summer show.

Also to note is that all of the intermissions (except for the Super Jasper episode) are repeats from previous shows. I have no problem with repeating intermissions...these were great episodes of Baking With Betty and Monkey Ninjas. Even the countdowns were reused from the September 2002 Show, but have been shortened to the last 3 minutes. These intermissions work well, although none are themed to Summertime. "Boat of Love/We Sail The Ocean Blue" is a nice intermission addition, but I think this should have been used as a countdown the countdown songs in the April 2003 and January 2004 shows.

There is a lot of material CEC Entertainment has in their archives, and I'm glad to see that they are digging around to find classic songs to remake... and old songs, old intermissions, and old video footage to use as intermissions.

Studio C - Chuck E's curtains close during Jasper's "Fishin". Instead of the usual colored backgrounds for the Studio C puppets, the characters are in different places themed to Summertime. Jasper's background is a lake, Munch is standing by a barbeque grill, Helen is by a pool, and Pasqually is in a grassy field. And Helen now has two purple bows in her hair to go along with that purple cheerleader outfit she has been sporting since the April 2003 Show.

Existing Stages - There is no curtain diversity for any of the Existing Stages. "America" and the Kool Aid Promo both appear in that order after CPMN Episode 3 in the intermission line-up. Listed in the show schedule above is the Studio C version.

Repeating Intermissions - This episode of Baking With Betty is the fan mail episode from the April 2002 Show. The Monkey Ninjas episode and the Countdown intermissions are from the September 2002 Show. The Countdowns have been shortened from 7 minutes to 3 minutes.

Super Jasper - The only new intermission included with this show is Super Jasper. In this episode, Super Jasper dares to play a game with only one token, while Mike Manly promotes the brand new More Fun Campaign. This episode is very funny!

"Boat Of Love / We Sail The Ocean Blue" - The "Boat Of Love / We Sail The Ocean Blue" song is from the Fabulous World Adventure (Aug 99). Right in between the two songs, you can hear Chuck E yelling out for Larry to stop the 'Boat Of Love' song. And don't forget, Robert Gotcher is the pirate who pops out of the treasure chest!

Song Remakes - "Picnic", "Baseball Diamond Dreams" and "Dog Jammin'" are all classic CEC songs from 1994 that have been remade with the current voice actors for this show.

America - The upbeat song, "America", was a live show from 1999 - 2001. It only appears on showtapes and dvds sent to stores located in the U.S. Also to note about "America" is that the video footage is only different shots of the American flag. The reason why this live retired in 2001 was because it featured footage of the World Trade Center in the background. Also to note, there is no puppet footage of this song in the Studio C version.

Character Songs - Both Jasper and Munch have two songs of their own in this show. Jasper's include "Fishin'" and "Dog Jammin'", and Munch leads "Picnic" and "Bar B Q". Helen Henny and Pasqually have no solo songs in this showtape.

Original Songs & Parodies - All of the songs in Summertime are originals and parodies. Brand new originals created for this show include "Summertime Groove", "Fishin'", and "Beach Song". "In My Pool" is a parody of the Beach Boys' "In My Room", and "Bar B Q" is a parody of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You".

Department 18 Cameos - The entire Department 18 crew and their families are having a barbeque in the video footage of "Bar B Q". This includes Jeremy Blaido, Rob, and Matt! Rob and Matt are wearing their special CEC show shirts, too!!!!

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music and video has been reused from the January 2003 and April 2003 Shows.

Summertime Logo - The logo for this show has been re-used from Summertime 2000, 2001, & 2002 - the overhead view of a guy mowing "Summertime" into the grass. Then it gets watered and flowers sprout, while butterflies fly overhead.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

This Summer Show is very well done, and completely blows away the last Summer Show from 2000 - 2002. First off, this show could have been a total flop if the songs weren't so good. As stated above, most of the intermissions are repeats, so if the songs blew, and since we all have seen these intermissions so many times, this show could have been extremely boring. But lucky for us, these new songs are excellent! Some are slow songs, some are very funky (reminds me of the good old songs of Chuck E's Rockin Rhymes)...but all are great in their own way. There is definitely a variety of songs in this show, from rap to any guest should enjoy hearing these summer songs! A lot of fans are happy to see the classic CEC songs "Picnic", "Baseball Diamond Dreams", and "Dog Jammin'" back in this show...and my favorite songs out of this entire show are "Picnic" and "Bar B Q". "Picnic" has a great beat, and it is really cool to see the Department 18 crew with their families in "Bar B Q". Must be a fun job to be able to do stuff like this! I'm also glad to see they are keeping with the curtain diversity with the Studio C version, with Chuck E's curtains closing during Jasper's "Fishin'" song.

As for the intermissions...well, as I said before, repeating intermissions is not a bad is just that these intermissions are still fresh in my mind from seeing them in 2002. I really enjoyed this new Super Jasper episode though...the humor in it is great...I don't really care it promotes the More Fun Campaign, the interaction between Mike Manly and Jasper is so much fun that it definitely put a smile on my face. But nonetheless, these intermissions are much, much better than the last summer show. Music intermissions vs. repeating (but good) contest!!!

As for the show logo, it is the same old Summertime logo from the 2000 - 2002 Summer Show. Guess we'll have to watch that poor guy mow his lawn for a couple more years! But it is nice that this show has an actual name (Summertime) instead of the generic CEC TV. Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys Summertime as much as I did! It isn't perfect, but in all it is a great summer show, and a worthy replacement for the last one! Have a great summer everyone!!!!