-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Spanish Birthday is a unique birthday song done in Spanish. It is very peppy and energetic, and way different than Birthday Star. Many people didn't even know that there was a Spanish Birthday live show. I discovered it after fooling around with the Studio C touch screen panel. It is a very fun live show that starts out slow and ends with a fast beat! This live also had some crazy sound effects! I always found Spanish Birthday to be more peppy and energetic than Birthday Star. It was a lot of fun, but it always wore me out...this live definitely had some spunk!

I am unsure of the actual starting date of this LIVE Show. As I stated above, this LIVE was included with all Studio C dvds up until Spanish Birthday 2002. The most interesting thing about Spanish Birthday is that the birthday song is the one from the Pizza Time Theater show, The Tune Machine (March 1983). This is the spanish version of it, and the girl voice isn't suppose to be Helen Henny, it's actually Madame Oink! Now, when this LIVE was introduced in videotape format is a mystery. The song was from the early 80's, but the video footage itself has the old Chuck E. Cheese costume from the very early 90's. I would say it came in sometime between 1992 - 1994. If you know the correct dates of Spanish Birthday, please contact us!

Spanish Birthday retired in December 2001 for a nice remake with the current voice actors. Spanish Birthday 2001 is actually Birthday Star 2001 done in Spanish.