-4 out of 5 Tokens-

Everybody get ready to shuffle! This live is fun because the dance routine is unique and different from other lives, and the song tells you what moves to do. "...Come on up and form a line, one step forward and one behind...shake it to the left, and glide to the right! The Chuck E Shuffle!" Wow! I'm surprised I memorized that!!! Guess some lives have lasting impressions on you!

This is the one of the last live shows today that hasn't have a modern remake yet. It is the only live today that you can play that still has the old voice actors and footage. The only video footage is the old Chuck E Cheese's Pizza logo spinning around in circles. It is a smart idea to have it like this because it keeps guests' focus on the shuffling cast members. In September 2001, this live show has been reissued with its video footage updated. Although the song remained the same from 1994, the video is the 'CEC TV' logo from the January 2001 Show.

Chuck E Shuffle is cool because it has a unique dance routine. I would love to see a remake with the current voice actors! (Update - Finally in 2006 we get our new Shuffle!!!)