-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This live show is themed with the September 2001 show which is full of great oldies, and "What I Like About You" is a great themed live counterpart. The footage for the live, just like for most lives at this time, is a mix of footage from different shows. What is most recognizable is the footage from "Paper or Plastic" from the show counterpart of this live, and the footage from "Drinkin' A Coca-Cola" (The Chuck E Cheese Show, Sept 00). You can see Matt Schartz briefly too. "What I Like About You 2001" is a remake of the 1993 LIVE show with the current voice actors.

Even though it is definitely a song that is a bit tougher to perform to, it is still a classic, fun song. It is kind of long, and the cast I watched dancing to it quit half way through. It seems most lives today are like that...they are either too long or are just not live show dance worthy. So I give it Paws Up for the content: The song and the video, but as a live show, it is a little more Paws Down than anything.