-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

A new favorite thing to do at CEC is to remake classic live shows with the new character voices. Unfortunately, Havin' A Party 2001 isn't as good as it's original. The original version was long, yet truly the definition of what a live show should be. Even though this version is shorter, it is just plain repetitive, both the song and the video footage (the characters at a playground, and the text "Havin' A Party"). The original version of Havin A Party had two songs in one: "Havin A Party" and then "Chuck E's Place". "Chuck E's Place" was cut out of this version.

This live is a great dance song, but the original just to seemed to have more spunk than this version, especially with the old "Chuck E's Place" finale. The voice actors did a great job with this, and if it had a little more spunk in the music and maybe a little bit more variety than the "Havin' A Party" verse, then this would be as great as its original. But nonetheless, it's a classic CEC song, and I hope everybody enjoys performing to it!