-2.5 out of 5 Tokens-

"Go Santa Go" is the latest holiday-themed live show. This original song is very nicely done...but for me it just doesn't cut it as a live show. I find the music very hard to perform to...the highlight of the live is when the characters sing the chorus of "Go Santa Go", but the rest is very quiet and bland. I would have loved it if this song was included in Holiday Show itself, and they used something fast paced and energetic instead (like the last holiday live show, "Rockin Christmas Eve"). The video footage is very generic like most lives nowadays (which is a great idea because it keeps your focus on the performing cast members). It is actually reused from "Rockin' Christmas Eve".

My feelings for this live is very mixed...on one hand it is a very nice holiday song, but on the other hand it just isn't live show material. I really enjoy the choruses where the characters sing "Go Santa Go", and I think this is the best part to create performances for. But the rest is very bland...especially since the music gets very quiet during the interludes. It's a great original song, but it unfortunately doesn't top the energetic "Rockin Christmas Eve" from Chuck E's Holiday Party.