-4 out of 5 Tokens-

"Let's Groove" is an Earth Wind & Fire song turned into a very nice live show. It works well with its show counterpart, the January 2004 Show - which has two EWF songs of its own. It's a classic song - but unfortunately I find it an odd choice for a live show. It is very mellow compared to such lives as 2003's "YMCA" and "Makin' It". This song would probably have been better in the show instead as a live. But despite that, it is still something new and different from the regular live show choices. The video footage is Chuck E Live text, as in "YMCA 2003" and "Makin' It". There are some pretty tight graphic effects with the text and background during the song!

"Let's Groove" is an awesome EWF song, and an interesting choice as the live show. Despite how mellow it is, it does work well as a live. After watching it a couple times, I realized it is one of those songs where you need to be creative as a performer, and you can have a lot of fun with it. This is definitely a live show you can pull off beautifully if you use creativity in your routines! I applaude Department 18 for giving us something different and fresh for a live show, but I still enjoy the upbeat and fast pace live songs much better - like the ones in 2003.