-2.5 out of 5 Tokens-

"Super Chuck E" is a brand new Road Show song you can play during the Super Chuck Summer campaign! It is a parody of "Jungle Boogie", and is the second song premiering as a road show (the first was "The Hokey Pokey" last year). It is also the first original live show song since "Go Santa Go" (2002), and one of the first to be a parody song.

This Road Show release is unfortunately not as great as last year's Limbo Rock / The Hokey Pokey combo. It's repetitive and lacks the interactive elements to keep kids interested. Granted, it's a parody of a great song - and ties in nicely with the whole Super Chuck Summer campaign. "Super Chuck E" is suppose to be a "theme" song for Super Chuck. The point is to have Super Chuck's theme song play (as a sort of introduction), and the cast member must switch Road Show discs to play those other valid Road Show songs. In all, it would have been better if there were some other valid songs on the Super Chuck Road Show disc to keep from having the hassle to switch CDs per Road Show. I have barely seen this show utilized because of this issue. Hopefully future *new* Road Show releases will be nicely themed as this one, but will have more interactive elements and song options.