Show Segment 1
"Honkytonk Harmony"
"Prairie Child"
"Pizza Time Hoedown"

Show Segment 2
"I Fall For Pizzas"
"Pizza Bread"
"Silver Threads And Golden Needles"

Show Segment 3
"Ain't Nothing Like the USA"
"America the Beautiful"

Show Segment 4
"Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys"
"I'm an Old Cowhand (From Rio Grand)"
"Sioux City Sue"

Show Segment 5
"Prairie Pizza Man"
"Country Girls"

Show Segment 6
"Jasper's Texas Show #2" (The Eyes Of Texas, Long Tall Texan, The Yellow Hound Of Texas)

Show Segment 7
"Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor"
"Take Me Home, Country Roads"
"Country Sunshine"
"Still Small Change To Me"

Show Segment 8
"Howling at the Moon"
"Country Music in My Soul"

Show Segment 9
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
"Put on a Happy Face"
"Joy To The World"

Show Segment 10
"Red River Valley"
"Do You Know You Are My Sunshine"
"You Are My Sunshine"
"Side by Side"

Show Segment 11
"Back in the Saddle Again"
"Get Along Little Doggies"
"Don't Fence Me In"
"Happy Trails To You"

Special Show Segments
"We Understand It's Your Birthday"
"It's a Special Day (CEC 5th Birthday)"
"Birthday Chant/Song"
"Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Baby"
"Cheer - Trumpets"
"Pasqually's Chuck E. Intro"
"Christmas Medley" (Silver Bells, Fa-La-La, The Christmas Song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

This is Harmony Howlette's second and last showtape. Again, a Country-Western theme is used throughout, and Harmony is included (or at least mentioned) on every show on the tape. With Harmony's increased showtime, her interactions between Chuck E. and Jasper become more involved and her character becomes much more developed in this tape.

It should be noted that there are a few variations of this tape that exist. There is one that includes the "Christmas Medley", and another that was released shortly after which also incorporates the special birthday show in honor of Chuck E. Cheese's 5th Birthday which occured in May of 1982.

Showtape Title - Most of the reels don't specify an actual title for this tape (most Pizza Time tapes were labeled horribly like HARM2, etc). However the PTT Theatrical Standards Manual includes the title Harmony Howlette II - "Harmony's Hoedown". Interesting enough though, an earlier version of the manual (with a tentative section set aside for the upcoming show) lists the tape as Harmony Howlette II - "Harmony Goes To The Westerns".

Harmony II Stage - For this show there was a another special set of backdrops and props. The starry lit stage valance from Harmony I was recycled and used again, however a different set of background props were used. This time the set featured two blocks of a western town fading into the distance, with the sun at the horizon between them. Two bushes were also included with the set.

Showtape Variations - As stated above there were different versions of this tape issued to stores. The "Xmas" version includes some off-stage announcer intros that aren't included on the "CEC 5th Bday" version. These intros are on Segment 4 (Lights, Pizza, Action), Segment 9 (Quiet on the set please, quiet on the set), and Segment 10 (Ladies and gentlemen, in this episode of our show Chuck E. appologizes to Harmony). The "Xmas" version doesn't include the show "It's a Special Day (CEC 5th Birthday)" and apparently doesn't contain Segment 7 at all.

Pizza Time Hoedown - At the end of Segment 1 during the "Pizza Time Hoedown" show, Chuck E. says "Come on Nolan, Gene, hey Linda, Mike, and Joe - come on I see ya back there Joe, come on all of ya Pizza Timers put your hands together, let's really do the Pizza Time". These were some neat little inside nods to key people involved with PTT, most likely being Nolan Bushnell, Gene Landrum, Mike Hatcher, and Joe Keenan.

Jasper's Texas Show #2 - This show is a remake of an earlier PTT show, using many of the same lines (word-for-word) as the original version. This new recording includes "The Eyes of Texas" and a some other changes including a mention of Harmony Howlette.

Segment 4 - In this show they make another mention of Chuck E. Cheese's cousin Buster from the Bronx (the original Buster of Broncs). A whole show was dedicated to this bad joke in Harmony I.

-5 out of 5 Tokens-

I've been told by several of the most devout Pizza Time Theatre fans that this showtape can be likened to the Rock-afire Explosion's Magic Night Showtape - as in, Harmony II is the pinnacle of PTT showtapes. After intently listening to many of the early shows, I would find it hard to argue with that.

The characters really start showing their personalities in this show. Chuck E. and Harmony fight even harder... with Chuck E almost being a downright ass at times. One show toward the end of the tape even involves Harmony packing her bags after having enough of the insults, forcing Chuck E. to applogize to keep her from leaving. There's also a lot more joking in this tape, and the songs are more upbeat and memorable. Overall this tape is better than the original Harmony tape, however she doesn't howl quite as much here, which is the one thing I miss from the first showtape.