Harmony Howlette

Harmony Howlette was one of the shortest lived but most revered female guest stars from the Pizza Time Theatre era. She was from west Texas, and grew up with her three brothers - joining up with the Pizza Time Players after touring around the country. She was commonly referred to as the "Cowgirl who gathers more posse than Jesse James".

Harmony was one of the few guest stars who wouldn't hesitate to stand up to Chuck E. Cheese's insults, giving them some of the most unique and feisty exchanges. Her trademark howling often erupted when she got excited, much to the ire of CEC. Jasper, who often swooned over the guest stars, was absolutely infatuated with Harmony.

Harmony was featured in two different showtapes: Harmony Howlette's Wild West Show and Harmony II - "Harmony's Hoedown". Both tapes were themed around Country and Western music. She made her debut in 1981 and was unfortunately retired the following year. She was featured on much of the promotional merchandise from those years including coloring books, calendars, and selected other items. Her last known appearance was in 1988 on the "Indiana Jowls" parody poster.