Madame Oink

Madame Oink the "Piggy from Paree" and "Lady of Oink" was an early Guest Star at Pizza Time Theatre, and appeared in several showtapes. She was sultry and spoke in a thick French accent, often singing traditional French songs. The other characters often made fun of her size, and always managed to mess up the pronunciation of her name (she would correct them with the proper pronunciation, "Maah-dahm Ohhnk")1. She would intermittently snort during her speaking and singing, and was flirty with the boys in the audience. She also had a romantic relationship with Pasqually which was referenced on occasion.

Madame Oink was the second Pizza Time Theatre Guest Star, originally appearing in February of 19782. She was present at the original store on Winchester Blvd in San Jose, CA and had long white hair and green eyes. Her name was originally spelled Madam Oink, with the spelling changed to Madame Oink in 1979-1980. Madame Oink was based on the famous jazz singer Peggy Lee, and during her development phase she was always referred to as "Piggy Lee"3.

When Madame Oink made her appearance at the second Pizza Time Theatre store on Kooser Rd in San Jose, she was updated to the newer "ottoman" style Cyberamic for her second showtape titled "Around the World with Madam Oink". Oink was redesigned by Pizza Time's wardrobe department shortly after and given a new look with her white hair pinned up - a look that became the standard and was used in artwork for merch and print materials. Madame Oink was voiced by Paula Mulcahy, who performed at Pizza Time's second annual convention in October of 1982, where a special walkaround costume of Madame Oink was also in attendance4.

In late 1982 Madame Oink appeared in a third showtape5 titled "Tunnel of Love"6, and in March of 1983 appeared in her fourth and final showtape titled "Madame Oink's World of Music (The Tune Machine)"7. Although her run ended after her fourth showtape, Madame Oink was one of the characters selected to become a full-bodied Cyberamic, a prototype concept that was never actually implemented.8

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