Segment 1
"Ricky Scaggs Intro Skit"
"Ricky Scaggs Medley" (Heartbroke, You've Got a Lover, Highway 40 Blues)

Segment 2
"Arguing Skit"
"Going Downhill"

Segment 3
"Middle of the Night"

Segment 4
"The Ride Intro Skit"
"The Ride"

Segment 5
"Islands in the Stream Intro Skit"
"Islands in the Stream"

Segment 6
"Letters to Looney Bird"
"I Wouldn't Change You If I Could"

Segment 7
"We Didn't See a Thing Intro Skit"
"We Didn't See a Thing"

Segment 8
"Ain't Used Up Intro Skit"
"Ain't Used Up"

Segment 9
"Fun Songs Skit"
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Segment 10
"Oh Dawn"

This is the Rock-afire's second country-themed showtape. It's done in an interesting fashion though - throughout the tape the Rock-afire Explosion suggests that there's "no theme" because Beach Bear was supposed to come up with one and simply neglected to do so. So the entire tape is consumed with everyone trying to figure out a theme (and convieniently playing country songs until one can be decided upon).

Aside from constantly dogging Beach Bear for dropping the ball, the characters do quite a bit of squabbling between one another. Everyone is upset by the new rule from the management (I'm guessing ShowBiz corporate) that any skits be less than a minute and a half.

New Skit Rules - Besides country themed songs, this showtape has another side-theme going - and that's complaining about the new rule by ShowBiz that forces them to keep skits down to a minute and a half. Apparently guests wanted to hear the characters sing more and talk less. In the majority of skits, characters keep track of live-time throughout making sure not to go a single second over this new limit. In "Letters to Looney Bird" the letter he gets just happens to be from a guest who is "fighting mad" about the new rule.

Oh Dawn - This song was written for Aaron Fechter's (Billy Bob) daughter Alyssa Dawn who was born around this time. Alyssa was featured as the off-stage announcer on the Kids Show a few years later in 1988.

Country Night - Dook makes a short reference to the original Country Night showtape between the songs "I Wouldn't Change You If I Could" and "Houston". He mentions the duet "Jackson" that he and Mitzi sang together.

Ricky Scaggs Medley - This song was partially re-recorded and included on Country Klunk showtape. Uncle Klunk replaces Dook on the 1st song "Heartbroke".

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This showtape is a nice sequel to the original Country Night showtape but it is somewhat hampered by the drama and political business regarding the new rule on skit lengths. Granted the jabs were tastefully done, but midway through the showtape I think the point had more than gotten across to viewers that Creative Engineering was upset about the rule.

The song choices were pretty good though, some of them were a little racy like "We Didn't See a Thing", and some were executed very well - I particularly enjoyed Beach Bear's version of "The Ride". Overall I think this is a strong showtape, and another very strong performance by the Rock-afire Explosion.