Segment 1
"Ricky Scaggs Medley" (Heartbroke, You've Got a Lover, Highway 40 Blues)

Segment 2
"Better All Over"

Segment 3
"Going Downhill"

Segment 4
"Middle of the Night"

Segment 5
"Much To Young To Die"

Segment 6
"The Ride"

Segment 7
"Islands in the Stream"

Segment 8
"I Wouldn't Change You If I Could"

Segment 9
"We Didn't See a Thing"

Segment 10
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Segment 11
"My Own Grandpa"

Segment 12
"Ain't Used Up"

Segment 13
"Oh Dawn"

This was the final incarnation of Uncle Klunk, and once again, he was given a new voice. This entire tape is country-music themed, and is basically a variation of the Rock-afire's regular Country II showtape. Aside from the songs recycled from that tape, there are a handful of country songs sung by Uncle Klunk that are unique to this tape.

New Voice / Look - The new voice of Uncle Klunk for this tape was provided by Shawn Fernandez. Klunk was also given an updated outfit which included a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a southern-style string tie.

Ricky Scaggs Medley - This song was partially re-recorded from the Country II showtape. Uncle Klunk replaces Dook on the 1st song "Heartbroke".

I Wouldn't Change You If I Could - This song was also re-recorded from the Country II showtape. Uncle Klunk replaces Mitzi this time around.

Missing Intro Skits - Although I've yet to receive a full copy of this showtape, it's reasonable that the intro skits were removed from the shows. Most of them contained either Rolfe & Earl or the concept of trying to find a show theme - neither of which would have made much sense for the purpose of this tape.

Klunk Intro - For the Klunk songs, there's a short intro tune and announcement made introducing Klunk to the audience.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

In all honesty this is a pretty decent tape. It highlights the best songs from Country II and replaces many of the goofy intro skits with some unique Klunk songs. And presenting Klunk as a singing act makes him quite tolerable... many of his skits are completely spoken and teeter along that line of being funny/irritating. None of that made it into this showtape. And call me crazy (which many Rock-afire fans have/will) but I honestly prefer Klunk doing the beginning of the "Ricky Scaggs Medley" over Dook. Maybe it's because it was the first version I'd heard - or maybe just because it's a little better. Another gem on this tape is Klunk's version of "I Wouldn't Change You If I Could", which I must point out is nowhere near as good as the original Mitzi version. But the interesting thing about it is they amplified Shalisa's harmonizing vocals in the chorus and they're quite different from her lead vocals - very neat to hear them standing along! All in all, my opinion is that this final Klunk tape was the best.