Segment 1
"Earl's Birthday Intro"

Segment 2
"Billy Bob's Birthday Intro"

Segment 3
"Mitzi's Birthday Intro"

Segment 4
"Dook's Birthday Intro"

Segment 5
"Birthday Melody"

Segment 6
"Junk Skit #1"

Segment 7
"Junk Skit #2"

This showtape was produced very similar to the 3-Birthday w/Colander reel - a show of birthday tracks plus a few extra shows that could be cued on demand. To the best of my knowledge, this showtape was a disaster. There's a set of four character jingles performed in honor of the birthday guest, and they basically dedicate the "next show" to the birthday child. From what I've heard, they simply ran the dedication and that was the highlight of the birthday party - the dedicated show was whatever happened to be up next once the regular showtape started playing again.

Two different setlists we've obtained include a track titled "Birthday Melody" - this could be mistaken for the "Happy Birthday Medley", or perhaps it's something completely different. Until we can obtain a copy of the showtape, we can only speculate.

Now from what I've know these "Junk Skits" were pretty interesting. Apparently ShowBiz wanted Creative Engineering to produce another promotion similar to Colander Head Night which generated a lot of sales and excitement for the company. So the "Junk" theme was to be the next big promotion - people were encouraged to bring in old pieces of "junk" and that would be displayed around the showroom walls. Well people ended up bringing in trash and it was a huge embarassment to ShowBiz. The tape was quickly discontinued and nothing like it was attempted ever again. Right now it's not known if there is an actual Junk Showtape (as there was with Colander Head Night) or if these were the only shows used for the promotion.

We currently do not have this complete showtape in our archives. If you have anything at all regarding the "Junk" portions of this tape (reel, audio, mp3, video, whatever) and are willing to share, please contact us!

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